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  1. Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    oh, and also those coordinates dont point to the convention center or the staples center.. they point direclty in the middle of the street.. someone should go stand there, maybe you'll find black ops 2 on the ground
  2. Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

    the timer starts at 3:23, which could be pointing at the the zombie map pack last year which released on March 23rd. rezurrection also had a zombie map on the moon, which could've been in the crater called "Tacitus". in the fps russia video, one of the dummys at the poker game is holding cards, the one in the center being the ace of spades.. the ace of spades card in world at war was the card that referred to the zombie mode. in the quadrotor video, fpsrussia thanks his friend Yuri.. Yuri is a main character who died in mw3... or did he? maybe Yuri is going to be in black ops 2? maybe they're droppin all sorts of hints for this game in all of these videos, or im just seeing what i want to see lol right now i'm at a Zombie Base on the moon, yuri is back from the dead.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhku5TGYjNA