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  1. Numbers code discussion.

    After looking at the Codes and some of the Hexadecimals to Text Deciphers, I noticed something unique on all of the Letter Deciphers. DEIEJCGECHBCHJFGDHB = 3 4849264271272956371=34.849C64,-271.272956371 DEIEEFGCCEECHBBGGCDB=34844562244271166231=34.84E56C,-C4E.271B662D1 DEDEEHGBAFCCFDBAGFEB=34344761052283106541=34.34E76B,-AFC.2FD106541 DEDEGGGACBECICHCGIDB=34346660214282726831=34.D46660,-CBE.28C7C68D1 DEDEEBGEAJICIHIIGACB=34344164098267886021=34.D4416E,-A98.287886AC1 They look like a bunch of jiberish at first. But, comparing all of them together, something popped out at me. One being that there seems to be hidden words inside of the Letters. I haven't found anything yet to help pull some words out of them yet effectively, Unless someone is really good at scrabble or some sort. But, from the way that the numbers are translated into text, there must be representations of words inside each bunch. I would look at the "still" numbers first, find there translation, and use those as base letters? Then, Determine other methods. Ill go further and figure it out. But this is what I have been noticing.