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    my idea for a zombie map......... map name:HQ of the dead place:Washington time:1968 characters:Dempsey,Nikolai,Takeo,Richtofen. Easter egg name:Codename 115 Boss description:for the boss,it would the the pentagon thief but a little different,he would still take your gun,but after he steals everyone's weapon,he would try to take your perks,then he escapes. New wonder weapon description:their would be a new wonder weapon called m-flame-9-auto.it would shoot like a machine gun but it would burn the zombies;holds up to 40 rounds each clip. Map description:the map takes place in a zombified headquarters.The crew arrived there from a teleporter.In this map,the power must be turned on,there will be traps there too.There are about 2 floors and both floors and both floors have four perk a cola machines,like 1 floor would have 4 and the other floor would have the other 4.basically there would also be a huge easter egg so that all players would get all eight perks.The mystery box will be there too.You will also need to link the teleporters so that you activate the red levers to open the teleporter to the pack a punch. Mystery box weapons: AUG Hk21 Rpk CZ75 single and dual China Lake M72 law Galil Commando Spectre Ballistic Knife Gersch device SPAS-12 Dragunov L961 sniper Ray gun m-flame-9-auto Hs10 G11 Wall weapons: Olympia M14 Pm63 MPL Stakeout Mp5k AK74u M16 Claymores Semtex Bowie Knife Achievements/trophies test subject-use the gersch device in the labs killing more than 10 zombies-50G (Xbox 360)bronze(PS3) Codename 115-activate the quarantine system and release the meteorite fragments into the disposal-100G (Xbox 360)Platinum(PS3) Master of Disaster-use the death machine and kill at least 300 zombies in one use-75G (Xbox 360)gold(PS3) Its Flopper time-kill at least 8 zombies with the phd flopper perk-25G (Xbox 360)silver(PS3) Epic Death battle of history-make a total of 50 knife kills in one game-60G (Xbox 360)gold(PS3) HQ secret of death-Reveal the easter egg song and kill a total of 100 zombies until the song ends-75G (Xbox 360)silver(PS3) Fire Away-upgrade the m-flame-9-auto into the m-burner-900 and kill a total of 40 crawlers and 50 zombies in total-50G (Xbox 360)silver(PS3)