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    Zombie map idea: Aftermath description: A nuclear wasteland infested with debris, explore the dead atmosphere to uncover the dark past of Richtofen and attempt to combat him with whatever you can... Location: Germany, near the Der Riese facility. Areas: Shelter interior- The match begins in an incredibly dark and large nuclear bomb shelter near Der Riese. Each player finds themself equipped with an m1911 that has a torch strapped to it. The team must now find the power switch... Shelter entrance- In this room there is a SMG on the wall and a mystery box spawn. Also, a new feature like the space suits on Moon. Hazmat suits. One MUST be equipped to get to the outside. Der Riese After opening the second door (The gate seperating the shelter from the hazardous outside) You will be in Der Riese, however the area has been horibly distorted due to the missiles hitting the earth. Toxic substances lurk the atmosphere. You'll be greeted by a new type of zombie: muatated zomies. These zombies explode into a pool of radioactive liquid. Attempting to walk into the liquid will slow your character down. You can now head over to the interior of Der Riese DR room one- This room contains a power switch, a mystery box spawn and juggernog. Also a radio tape: "???:Doctor Maxis! With this new device we can surely extract more 115 from the moon! Maxis: Damnit I have told you before, I dont want to here any of your horrible new ideas again! ???:But doctor! Maxis: The exit is to your right. ???:yes doctor...sorry for disturbing you. (??? exits) Maxis: When will he ever learn...Hey! who left this thing on? (static)" The "project" room- In this room you will find a tall metallic tower with the 935 logo on it. This structure plays a huge part in the aster egg. It also contains semtex's and an assualt rifle. The engine room- Another big room like the tower room, however, this one is dark. If your player still has a hazmat suit, change the equiptment slot over for a torch. The gears in this room are not functional. You need to obtain a battery to power them. Speed cola is in here and a box spawn. Rooftop- There are large gates here layed on the roof. In the easter egg you must open the gates in order to activater the tower. Double tap is on the rooftop and a box spawn. teleporter testing room- This room contains the original Teleporter. You can use this to get to the pack a punch room. similair to the Kino PaP room. It contains mule kick and new perk 1. PAP room (Chemical testing chamber)- This room contains the PaP (obviously ) and claymores. There is a chemical rack on the side which the player must go. Here you can pick up the chemical compound used in the EE. Easter Egg -There was a man in Der Riese who wanted to develop a laser to slowly extract chunks of 115 rock from the moon, prior to the teleporter development. He tried to make the device without Maxis Knowing. Maxis, suspicious that the man was trying to plot to murder him, sent Richtofen to kill him. The team must repower the machine and overpower the laser in order to completely blow up the moon and destroy richtofen along with it. After blowing up the moon the team find out through a demonic shout that Richtofen has "relocated" but where? rewards- -All perks, permanently -The shockwave from the moon causes the nuke affect on all zombies -An achievement -A gamer picture -Acsess to the new perk 2 room new perks -Perk 1-Bling Machine -Gives a gun a random attatchment. -Perk 2-Pumped Stopping power. new weapons- -Gravity Rifle A sniper rifle produced by 935 Shoots into a zombie and nocks that zombie into any zombies behind it. Then the bullet explodes, sending any zombies in the blast radius drifting off to space. -Wonder grenade (wundergrenate?)(Perhaps the WW dg3? nobody said it couldnt be a grenade!) a grenade pulsating with electricity. Explodes into a wunderwaffe effect