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  1. Very welcome and thank you for your reply. I had thought that the emblem at Grief mode may be written at a category of Grief mode. I'm sorry for late report. ^^; I got a clarity result that the emblem at Grief mode is changed from single bone to shotguns suddenly. By obtaining some other results, a mathematical analysys can be used. So it will be able to bring a clarity parameter for changing to the shotguns to us. I'll report it, when I got the parameter.
  2. I write here for the first time. I'm performing some experiments to clarify the emblem system. In the experiments, I have obtained a result. The growth of emblem is different between Survival mode and Grief mode. I have already reported it to viewtopic.php?f=137&t=33098 1. When a new account is played at only Grief mode, the emblem is not grown. 2. The emblem is changed from single bone to shotguns suddenly, when the fully-grown account is played only one time at Survival mode. 3. When the account is Shotguns emblem, the emblem is not changed by increasing DOWNS. Now I'm investigating the boundary condition to the Shotguns emblem. I'll report it, when I get the result. I'm glad if this is helpful for everyone.
  3. We have got RPG or raygun from MB again.
  4. All ammo of RPG was run out in 3 - 4 cycles of this strategy. As 2 players have RPG, 7 - 8 cycles are carried out.
  5. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your comments. When I have tried this, 16 shots of RPG was used to annihilate about 24 zombies. But I think that it is possible to reduce the consumption of ammunition.
  6. Hi everyone, I would like to report 2 strategies for Nuketown zombies. These strategies are carried out by spawn control of zombies. 1. I recommend this for solo play. At first, a player stays at backyard with a shelter. When zombies spawn, the player starts to slowly go to another backyard. When the player arrives at another backyard, he kills all zombies there. Then the player slowly go to the backyard with a shelter. This strategy is very safety. And this can be used until about R40. The film of this strategy is bUynWk6B1xg 2. I recommend this for coop play. At first, 2 players stay at backyard with a shelter. When zombies spawn, a player stay there and another player goes to the first room through a window of a second floor. The player at backyard aggregates zombies. Another one slowly comes back from the first room. When the player who came back from the first room goes to MB near the shelter, zombies from the second floor go to the player who is doing train. 2 players kill all zombies. In this strategy, zombies concentrate to one player. But another one is safety.The film of this strategy is ExCYzvgjnOI If these strategies have already reported, I'm apologize. If these strategies are useful for you, I'm glad.
  7. I think this is the adfgvx cipher. This was used by the German Army. A key word is necessary for decoding it. If the key word was obtained, we can decode it. But I don't know the key yet.