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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    i was alright with everything you said untill the no host migration... host migration is an obvious problem... especially when your on round 40 and all of a sudden the host drops... that pisses me off everytime and im sure it does to almost the whole zombie community. black ops 2 has to have host migration. Oh sorry! I meant that. - If the host leave they will find a new host* Hehe sorry :)
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Here is a list of what I think could be good in zombies in Black Ops 2: - Zombie Campaign (solo??) - Throwing Knife that bounce off the zombie to another (1shot kill) - New Perk/machine like random box but you could get perks. - Fix the sound! - Make the sound more scary. - They should make a movie of the Zombie Storyline. - Map pack - Huge map - more zombies and be able to drive tanks etc.. - New perk - Be able to ¨review¨ a dead person to life - The person starts with pistol + ballistic vest (more life for a while) - Buy attachments to weapons of the wall. (Choose sight, dual mag etc...) - Be able to save games/matches with a maximum of 3 slots. - Stun grenade - stun 1-15zombies for a short while. - No host migration - If the host leave, find another! - Zombie titles / level / ranks / emblems would be assume!! - Fix so the Nova 6 Zombie (crawler) doesn't emit so *%£# much gas. - Make a zombie movie - like mention before - Pack a punch your knife - i don't know really what it does, maybe stun zombie?? This is just MY personal opinions guys. You can agree or disagree :)