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  1. Time Loop (theory), possible ending Alright so this theory will serve as a possible ending for the last DLC map. the ending to the next map will show fault in our meddling with the numerous universes in which we have visited to secure the 1.0 souls and once it is released it will be too late as the universe resets and it shows us a plane and date: "April 30th, 1945; somewhere over previously controlled Nazi territory." the screen cuts to inside the plane to a soldier that notices a blue glow from a box that wasnt previously there but as he notices it the plane loses control and crashez into an abandoned airfield littered with dead nazis, the surviving member begins to slowly fade in and out as he sees approaching figures and notices one sprinting wildly..... From the remainder of the match you play in Nacht, where it all began.
  2. TheEnd

    Sabotaging Richtofens Plans

    Well after 3 years it seems this kinda made it into black ops 3
  3. This is my story for the next cod. Okay since Richthofen now has complete control over the zombies and Samantha is in Richthofen's body and the world is basically destroyed and dempsey, takeo, nikolia, and samantha are stuck killing zombies until they die what if they managed to overload the area 51 teleporter with the wave or zap gun and go back in time taking a few cold war weapons (the fans favorites) and try to sabotage richtofens plans as easter eggs on the next cod zombie maps like in a different part in der riese and all other group 935 facilities, but in the end they find out that because they thought they were sabotaging richtofens plans they were just setting all the events that make richtofen control the zombies and in the last map in order to do the final easter egg you have to have all previous map packs so you can jump back to the maps to correct your errors you made in the previous maps in which you thought you were sabotaging richtofen and once you have corrected the errors maxis will try to mass produce the ray gun and dg-2 but it is to late the allied forces capture all scientists and all the wunderwaffe pieces like what really happened at the end of WWII but instead of capturing only nazi scientists all group 935 scientists thus making sure richtofen doesnt find the M.P.D. tell me what you think and try to improve my story (i can take a bad review.

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