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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I believe in whatever map there is, there should be a couple things that would make the game more enjoyable and not a little boring after everytime we play it. Definitely upgrading guns about 2 times instead of one. new guns and if possible different wonder weapons so maybe everyone can have one and not fight about it. Do not know if this is possible but if zombies could be made into at most 6 players it would be awesome because most clans come in six and it is a pity to leave friends out. Plantable turrets like in mw3 survival but the zombies can destroy them if they get to close and they only last about 3 to 4 rounds. More better guns with ammo and bigger ones than the crappy guns like the m60 and all the original guns from World at war. The maps have to keep getting bigger and bigger and there should be secret doors and passageways to open up that no one would fin out for a while. A zombie caampaign would be greatly appreciated by all us fans. There is so much to improve on and change but these are fundamentals.