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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Hi. I havent read all the posts but I think that there are basic things that need to be taken care of because some of the black op's maps are just boring. 1. Be able to upgrade your weapon as many times as you want. MOst of the times you run out of ammo and I die because of that. I dont understand why it is not possible to upgrade as many times as you want. Just increase the cost of the upgrade by double, increase the ammo by double and keep the damage. At least you wont run out of bullets!!! 2. If the box is going to have stupid weapons (sniper rifle, shot gun, etc) at least they should have a lot of ammo and people will use them!! 3. No monkeys instead of dogs please 4. No maps without gravity like moon 5. Better weapons, maybe a mix of WAW and black ops plus some new ones. 6. Everybody can have any weapon 7. Instead of bettys or claymore something more futuristic and be able to buy as many as you want!! The only reason I bought black ops was for the zombies and I was very dissapointed. They better improve in black ops 2 because I am not wasting my money again.