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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    i had an idea for an easter egg for the next zombies map so you have 4 lone survivors as the characters in this map and one of them has a radio that keeps buzzing and you keeping hearing random things like t.k.o g.t of. m. le. in nikolai's tone of voice and you have to find a way of getting a better signal (dont question me how the radia that fits in a pocket reaches a signal from the moon it just does ok ) like climbing up a tower and once the signal had reached an , understandable, level the four characters nikolai ,takeo ,dempsey and sam (yay for moon) give you instructions to get them down from the moon and after the best part of 2 hours of attepmting this they finally teleport down and they send you a very nice 50 gamer score/ trophy,thing , and and achievement called 'Radio Access' and a gamer pic of the 3 main characters and Sam's shadows behind a radio or something like that. I also had and idea for a perk called 'Devil Punch' what it does is, lets you carry more ammo for each gun this would cost 2000. And a map could be called Headqaurters (like the multiplayer mode) and could be set on an outpost in russia where american soldiers are (for some reason) where it is a wasteland from what happened at the end of the moon easter egg and for the first few rounds there are burning zombies (like the nova zombie in shangri la but less ,explody ) and then after round 7-9 the burning zombies become more rare and a boss could be a juggernaut zombie with a gun but with terrible aim just like me :facepalm: