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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I think that they would get down from moon themselves since they can just simply teleport to earth by recalibrating the teleporters which Takeo knows how to do and Samantha as well.. Plus here is my evidence for the next maps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUBS8jBrWHI
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Dont Critizice the truth LINGLING because you know that Atlantice and Egypt have nothing to do with zombies at all and the pyramid in moon does not count. Aside from that My ideas are very relative and Just as fun xD
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    People think more clearly you think that by saying mystical and horrible maps such as Concentration camp, Atlantice ETC... because you are forgetting that the story line is moving on from the world war to cold war and on so think of the future Germany WAS DESTROYED BY THE MISTLES FROM MOON! the unafected areas are U.S half of russia, France by just a bit since its next to germany. the north and south pole and maybe half of India. Now where am I going with this In the US we have the pentagon which has already been over run. 1 Well Sam and the others go back to the US to retrieve a special object to The US military base located south of DC which is an underground nuclear facility sounds cool no? 2 A Russian research facility located west of Siberia where Call of the dead was. This area will contain a device that when powered will unfreeze samanthas body and make them switch souls again. but not yet. 3 An Underwater Facility located south of Cuba aka The caribbean. 4 Paris - this place will be mostly reddish since the world was nearly destroyed by mistles what does paris do well there should be an easter eg where you charge the device via Enticatherical Mechanism made by richtofen which gives it the ability to master teleportation and soul transfarence. 5 MOON remade why because the first moon was already over run but there was another hidden facility that infact does connect with the original expanding the facility 3x and there the story will end Sam gets her body bad unfreezed Richtofen and the crew gets their revenge. Now think wouldnt this make sense sine they can already teleport.
  4. Zombie Suggestions

    Okay so my ideas on the next zombies map are quite relevant to the story line. Now as we know Samantha and Richtofen switched souls but! Samantha wants her body back and revenge. so this states that zombies will continue on earth! why Well if you notice when the 3 mistles hit earth they did not completely destroy it only half of it so my guess is that it will continue in a post apocaliptic map Set in the US stating that there will be time travel then again taking us later on from the DC base to Paris Before the destruction of earth. now! think of this the Enticatherical mechanism at least thats what I heard richtofen say in moon that will be in France which enhances the 115 in the golden rod and the moon - earth teleportation. so next map should be DC. Military base and Paris - and the parisian catacombs within the map you guys try and find the rest of the story