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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    i suggest that zombies has a leveling system like in multiplayer in other Cod games. there should also have something like the perks in multiplayer. A couple perks that could be in the game if u consider this Slight of hand: bring out weapons faster (including grenades Clay-mores and special grenades) Slight of hand pro: aim down sight faster Survivor: increase time of life after downed by 25% Survivor pro: crawl faster Cheapskate: decrease cost of weapons on the wall by 10% (not mystery box) Cheapskate pro:decrease cost of perks by 10% Carrier:increase ammo capacity by 10% Carrier Pro: increase amount of equipment that can be carried by 1 (grenades Clay-mores and special grenades) Medic: increase health regeneration speed by 25% Medic pro: decrease cost of Quick revive by 25% or increase effect of quick revive by 25% (in single player add 1 more buy to quick revive) Gambler: increase chances of getting a good gun by 25% Gambler Pro:Increase chances of power up drops by 15% Mule kick also needs to be fixed because when u go down u lose your gun. maybe you could pick which gun you will lose or when you lose the go down you still have the gun you lose you just ca not use it till you buy mule kick again. The special weapons have been taking a down slope. the VR11 was cool but it was weak it only detracted zombies for a few moments depending on your location and the "baby maker" in Shanghai la as i have heard it said but can not remember the official name was more cute than anything however it was pretty cool it was not very effective as it did not hit too many zombies.The wave gun was a good idea it may be better as two different guns instead of 1 gun but if u do separate these add more ammo i suggest twice as much as it had in black ops 1. the thunder gun, ray gun and the wunderwaffe need a return. Players should also be able to have 5 perks instead of 4. The world at war zombies and Black ops 1 zombies should also be in the multiplayer if u can. A solo leader board should also be created too. The AK-47 also should be added to the Mystery box.