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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    i think you should be able to customize your own zombies, you can choose weather to have dog rounds, bosses such as the flame or screamer zombie, have ghouls, or you could not have anything and just basic zombies. because people don't like a specific enemy then some maps will be left out, while if you could customize then you can play a map how you wanted. i would also like to choose era of weapons, for example you could have world war 2 weapons, modern weapons, futureistic weapons and you can choose to have all of them or just 1 of them. i would like the idea which was in modern warfare 3 such as renforcements and sentries to make a more defenseable location but aslong as you dont follow the leveing system of where you have to unlock weapons to survive beucase it felt like i was restricted to getting as far as i could without being the top level. overall as long as you follow these 3 points i will be happy .