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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Got a few more... * Coupon Drop (makes everything like doors, perks, boxes, wall weapons etc... 20% cheaper for 30 seconds) * Ability to purchase armour 5000 points for full set. * 4+ Players in the game. * More open space maps like Shi No Numa * Vehicles (ties in with open spaces) * 2 Game Modes, survival = what we've had all the time, infected = 12+ players one becomes a zombie and he must infect the others.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    What I would like is * Two Discs One for normal storyline, other for the zombie storyline * Host Migration in-game so the game doesn't end when the host leaves * Force game chat (annoying when people don't speak) * All of the current wonder weapons in every map but 5% chance of getting one of them * Xbox 360/PS3 Map creation tools, and the most downloaded one of each month gets published on xbox live playlists * Mix of Black Ops weapons and WaW weapons. * Boss comes every 10 rounds opposed to every 5