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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    1. M odded games for god mode/ammo/slo mo and whatever else someone could think of. 2. Game modes for people with headsets only, everyone knows how annoying it is playing with a noob without a headset stealing everyones windows and teleporting once every round by they're selves. 3. More perks. Maybe be able to have a few more perks at a time. Have something like, be able to carry 1 or 2 more monkeys. 4. Be able to buy ammo for gund that arent on the wall. Its real annoying at round 40+ the only thing that kills zombies is trapps and wonder weapons. 5. Reduce the zombies per round if someone leaves. Be able to allow people to join when someone leaves but have them maybe start with 5000 points so they can get a good gun other than start with just a pistol and be a drain on the team by dying every 30 seconds because no jugger/no good weapons. 6. Have an extra room that you or a team can go to where no zombies can get in and you cant kill zombies. I often have the problem of needing the toilet as soon as i hit a good round. Or i have to go get dinner or something. Whatever your reason it would be a good idea to just have a little time to be able to do whatever you need to do. 7. Double upgraded guns. Maybe not more damage, just more ammo when u get max ammo/buy ammo from a wall. Double the cost of PAP. 8. Added turrets for people to use for a short period of time for 1k or something. 9. Better wonder weapons. I find the newer ones like that baby maker thing was just a waste of time to be honest. Im a serrious zombie player, i want serrious guns not just things to take the p**s. 10. Be able to find a party based on rounds reached or some way of finding an experienced team without having to join 30+ random teams till u find people that can get past round 10. Thats everything i think. Hope its not too much for you all:P I know people have mentioned a few of my ideas allready. But the more people saying the same thing will make it more likely for it to happen:P