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    in moon when the rockets hit the earth they sent 115 to half of the earth but no america for dempsey not japan for takeo not russia for nikoly and not canada for a new charter have the canada map with the game then the other map as dlcs so sya ben as the canadain with 4 others named like zack tyler and liam or somethin fightin zombies then america for dempsey with like bubba j john and rick for ex fighting zombies an so on till the last map when the 3 old charters and the new canadain fight ricktofen at the end for guns in canadain map hockey stick instead of bowie knife and wonder gun be so they sink back in the ground it take place around cn tower also have 3 boxes new guns for 950 old guns for 700 and wonder gun box for 2000 thats all i got u guys help make the rest respond to this if u have a ides tell me and ill turn it even bigger from newfoundland ben moreys idea pceeeeeeeeeee