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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I think that there have been a lot of good ideas for zombies in the next CoD said but i have a few of my own that i dont know if every one will agree with me on but here they are: - I think that Treyarch should either increase the number of players able to play in a zombie game, maybe to like 6 or instead make a separate game mode that is compatible for more players. - I think that all of the weapons that are in multiplayer should also be able to be used in zombies. - I know this was already said by some but i think it is a really good idea. if you could make it so your friends could join you while your in a zombies game for a few reasons. If you have a friend that has to go and you have a free spot. So you don't have to end the game to pick that friend up. There are also somethings that should be changed to make this possible, when ever one of your players leave or a new player joins then the game would pause so it could connect to that player and would also change the difficulty of the game to match the number of people. - I know that this was also said before but it is also a good idea. I think that when your PaP a gun, you could choose certain attachments that you might want on it, maybe pay extra for the attachments. It would also be cool if you could choose from certain camos to put on your gun after PaP. - I am an experienced zombie player and i think most of us are, so we all know that when you get to that certain level where you have bought everything and have nothing to spend your points on so i've been thinking of things to put in that could increase the things to buy. Some of the things i came up with are: 1. The ability to buy a pro version of your perks that you already have and the prices would be doubled or really expensive so you have to save up more points to get it, an example would be to buy PHD flopper pro for 8000 points after buying the original perk for 2000 and what you would get for buying the pro upgrade would be that your explosive weapon damage is increased, or for speed cola when you buy pro then you can switch weapons faster. 2. You should be able to pack a punch your gun more then once and each time you do it the price would double, every time you PaP after the first it just increases your weapon damage. - One more thing,.. just some map suggestions, i think it would be cool if you made really scary maps maybe in a school or a hospital.