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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    My ideas for zombies 1. They should make it so you can get pick-ups in the mystery box like a max ammo or something or just make a seprate box for pick-up and boxes at once one for pick-ups one for weapons. and also have a box for weapon attachments like in black ops if i was to buy the attachment box with my commando in my hands I could maybe get a red dot, reflex, grenade launcher and so on. 2. put in maps where you can maybe fight modern day zombies like if you were in like seattle and you were getting mobbed by zombies and you could buy gates kind of like how you buy doors and you could go up the elevator in the space needle and at the top of the needle that is where the pack a punch room would be that would be sick. 3. Perks. 1. Scavenger get ammo for half price that would be good for pack a punch guns that are on the wall 2. FMJ extra bullet damage this could also be a good pick-up to. Figure out more.