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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Ive Noticed that after round 20 and youve done everything (Ie. open doors, gotten all your guns and what not) it gets boring. my suggestion...objectives during zombie rounds. i think this would make the franchise more interesting, becuse it will make it so you have something to do...also players are scared to take risks during zombie rounds so they do it with crawlers making it boring...no exitement...so if you were to do this make it at the beggining of a round. Also killstreak box...works like mystery box but with killstreaks...alot of them not just 5 or 9...but 40 let us experiment with them...Interactive Maps are fun to. like a mini gun that costs 2000 or like MW3 a remote turret thats just fun...one more liittle thing...i dont know if this is just me but i really like sniping in zombies...L96A1 Packed a punch is awesome...what im trying to say is make a sniper friendly map...such as call of the dead but with the kino teleporter that takes you to a safety zone for a limited time...give or take a minute or two. P.S: alot more guns please and no timer on death machines but ammo cause it really gets annoying getting one at the end of a round