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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Make it more scary, and instead of animals, use vampires, ghosts, witches, necromorphs, the "thing" infections, werewolves, grandmas climbing on walls into the mix. Introduce vehicles to move around the map like a M1A Abrams, Stryker, LAV, Apache or Cobra helicopters that the players can use for a limited time. These vehicles come with all the standard weaponry that can be used. It would be awesome to be so powerful you can blow everything in your path while feeling so safe and secure. To use the vehicles, you have to fork out (very expensive) money like fuel for the vehicles.
  2. Zombie Suggestions

    Zombies Prestige emblems that gets stuck in your gamer profile, aka, shows up when you play multiplayer, etc. It is about time to acknowledge and made known the real zombie fans. All the suggestions I browsed so far still uses the template of COD BOP Zombies. I think it will really be cool if there's a whole new zombie experience, fresh from the ground up, similar theory but entirely new things and new modes. You guys am sure can come up with something new.