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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    I Think it would be a really good idea if they made an AnTi - GraViTY gun which could carry on from the last map from Black ops called MOON. it is a wonder weapon which you shoot at your enemy and as it says in the name turns a small portion of the map into anti gravity mode. Or you could have it as an equipment where you have 2 of them and you throw it like the gersch device and then jump in it but it takes you into a different world. it would be called like Anty Gravity or something like that. I also thought that it could be an add on to Black ops or in the new zombies after all the maps have been released for the new Treyarch - Call Of Duty where they player gets to a certain high round like 40 and then you can get a special weapon which you take out and throw it, when you jump in it takes you to the next zombie map with the same guns you have and the same round but the zombies increase their difficulty by a bit every time you enter a new map. Thank you for reading hope everything goes well for the zombies and hope you use my ideas. Yours sincerely Jayden