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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    So i like the idea of MW3 Spec Ops on how you get time inbetween rounds to get guns etc.. Why not make regular zombies from every 3-5 rounds then you get a wave of a boss zombie and it goes back to harder regular zombies and progresses on till round 15 were you get both or hell hounds You can also use some air support and maps shall be big to fit 4-8 players not 2-4 as you will surelly have more fun with more friends and difficult later waves be more strategic and not always have 2-4 n highest can be 50 (depending on skills) rather than 150 or 200 with more intense killing and team work I would like 4 and 4 sperated and have to reunite back kinda like Verruct but not be trapped in a house let it be in a jungle with zombie grappeling like in Resident Evil and change the 2 hit kill to lets say 3-4 Also make maps either underwater or on the beach with tides of water washing zombies in I would like pack a punch back the mule kick and modificated quick revive (to be less time) it would be awesome instead of a juggernaut drink you can actually get juggernaut gear for a while but get limited hits Lets say you have the gear n a zombie hits you 15 times it goes away n your vonlerable and you cant get it for another 5 more rounds so it can charge Double Tap and Dead Aim should be combined into one and be priced at 4000 ? The ray gun, wundderwaffe, and thunder should all be back I like the Gerch Device beter than mokeys And have teleporters, and hoover like accension, and zip line from call of the dead NO MORE ROMERO LIKE ZOMBIES!!! I would like a more story line and a side game story mode/ campaign that you go out in citys look for gun amo or guns instead of buying em off walls Also destructible buildings Some oppinions of mine for my perfect zombie game - racuna225