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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Zombies is the best thing about black ops and world at war, and im looking forward to playing it next year. In the new Zombies I want a mode were i can try out making my own maps, and altering my speed, height of jump, ect, ect. I also want every zombie map to have a giant easter egg that will give more information about the storyline of zombies. I would like to see a map called ''paradise'' since it is mentioned multiple times in black ops zombies. The map would have a tropical feel to it and include things like palm trees and ruins. Another idea for a map is a carnival. Just the idea of killing zombies in a theme park gets me exited, and when you turn on the power the rides start to work, and the park is filled with colorful lights. My favorite idea for a zombie map is under water, so a map called sub-base would be perfect. Much like the hell hound in kino, sub-base would have fish-like zombies as bosses. I would also like a camo station for your guns, its a cool little touch and killing zombies with a gold gun would be awesome. A neat idea is Ghostown. This will show a GIANT version of nuke-town after the bomb hit, and zombies would be crawling everywhere. The final map i have in mind would be Vorkuda. This map will offer big zombies in prison uniforms. You can also travel through the mines of the jail.