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    Create ur own perk

    Name: Death by Caffine Costs:1,000,000 Effect:You have your self in a hard time of a boss. Well when you use this perk it will only take one full clip depending on what gun you have, takes away the boss away forever exept dogs monkeys and thats it and if there is no boss in that map it will give you a 5000 point reward in return every time you complete a round. Color:Brown and Red Looks: It has a coffey cup on it and on it says SALLY on it and a teddy bear is holding the cup and looks like its taking a sip of the red drink. Tastes:Dunkin Dounuts coffy
  2. watdapoop?01

    Create ur own perk

    make this if you can cause i dont know how to Name:Hackers Choice Effect:It will pause the game as soon as you drink it.Then it will pull up the hacker menu and you get to pick any hack like droped perks like nuke etc. and then you can pick guns like the raygun ect. and ufo mode or something and you cant die because you use the god mode. And you get yourself the best player. Color:Brown and Blue Hope you create a pic for it watdapoop?01

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