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  1. Create ur own perk

    There could be a perk that lets you get to any of your teammates that are far away or on the other side of the map in an instant? Like teleporting? This perk could have a little device that fits at the bottom button of the D pad, So all you'd have to do is press down on the D pad, select a teammate that you'd like to get to(Maybe they need to be revived?) And then revive them? I could come with a whole bunch of ideas But that one came from the top of my head so no hating Oh and the perk could be called: "Slip-a-way Samosa" NDU:13 Solo Verruckt: 20 something :S Shi No Numa: 22 Solo Der Reise: 25 Solo Kino: 28 with 4 players.. Five: 25 with 4 players.. Dead ops: 15 Ascension: 52 Solo, 32 with 3 players COTD: 23 with 4 players Shangri la: 30 with 3 players Moon: 32 Solo, 24 with 3 players ))))))))