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  1. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    I got to 38 with 1 other person. The other two were calling me a fag because I had more points than them (I had like 1500 more than them and we had the same amount of kills. They just suck???) Anyway, in the middle of round 16 my friend and I stood in the doorway of the Thompson room stairs. One of them was getting chased by a horde and got mauled when he couldn't get through. 8-) 8-) (Ownt.) The next guy we just took all of his kills with the upgraded Colt and left him in the teleporter at crucial times. So he quit as well at like round 21. :twisted: Then my friend and i shredded the Zombies until 38 when we got trapped in the pit.