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  1. The Pentagon Thief Solved

    I hate when people say it's Maxis >. I believe there is a Saw type vibe in the story: Everyone is there for a reason. Richtofen is obvious, he's in the illuminati and is part of 935. Dempsey is American, but that doesn't mean we aren't part of 935. In Nacht Der Toten, it's 4 Americans that crash landed possibly the 115 supply from Shi No Numa which derived the zombie invasion there. Peter was part of 935 for goodness sakes. Takeo was probably part of 935 and was commissioned to the Japan 115 site AKA Shi No Numa. Nikolai was probably helping with the original Ascension group before it was even thought of. Also I think all of the Treyarch games have different zombie themes. WaW shows the basics of zombies and element 115 sites and who the main baddies are. BOps talks about the main 935 members a lot: Porter in Five, Yuri in Ascension, Hyena in Call of the Dead, and the two guys in Shangri La are up to something too. Just my opinion... -Louie