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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Before I begin, I want to say that in the following post, I am not intentionally trying to criticize other ideas, show dominance, and/or show any quality traits of a troll. (I used to own a pretty popular youtube account and I hate trolls as much as the next guy) I simply am voicing my opinion on various subjects regarding the next Call of Duty: Zombies. All of the zombie content I talk about solely belongs to Treyarch and its affiliates. In no way do I own anything about zombies nor do I have any confirmed information. This is simply a fan voicing my opinion and my personal suggestions and ideas for maps and zombies in the next Call of Duty. First of all, I do want to mention that I am noob to posting on forums. I get the concept and I read stuff all the time on this site and other forums, I just don’t want any trolls getting onto me. I do own Black Ops, World at War, and Modern Warfare 3 and feel as though I have a generally good view on the zombies/survival game. Personally, and this is my opinion, I feel like after reading a lot of the posts in this thread, the zombie suggestions are just too “out there.” I’ve seen posts that have said things such as add features similar to spec ops in modern warfare 3 or add things such as starting off with being able to take three to four hits rather than the original two. My view on taking things from Spec Ops: Everybody knows that Black Ops Zombies was a HUGE success. Treyarch obviously did something right with the game mode otherwise it wouldn’t have gotten the response that it had gotten. As I read suggestions such as “Bring the gun customization from spec ops” or “Bring the 20 (or whatever number it is) second delay between rounds from spec ops” I begin to think that these things would take away from the original zombies experience. Infinity Ward has their own way of doing things (and im not saying it’s good OR bad), so we should just leave that alone. Do they have some good ideas that would benefit zombies? Sure! But suggestions such as the above would take away from the gaming experience that is COD Zombies. Don’t you remember the moment when you first PAP’ed the M16 on Kino Der Toten and said “Holy shit man! This thing has a kick-ass grenade launcher!”? Gun customization would take moments like that away, the coolness and reality of zombies. The feel. I’m not necessarily saying take out gun customizations all together and alienating the idea, just tune it right. The second example I gave was the 20 second round delay time. I don’t know about you, but that screams multiplayer to me—something that I look to get away from when I switch discs from MW3 to Black Ops. Black Ops Zombies intentionally put the no delay time in there. It makes for a more fast paced game. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment when we’re playing and someone (or all the other 3 players) get downed near the end of a round. You manage to finish the round but you don’t know for sure whether you can get to that person and back to your loop/train spot before the next round begins. It’s a part of the challenge of zombies- the original zombies that we all came to love so much. Again, I’m not necessarily saying don’t make changes to the game of zombies, but make changes that don’t interfere with the original feel of the game. I only touched upon two of the posts I have seen that have been taken from spec ops in MW3, and there are countless more. Again, I want to reiterate that I’m not disapproving those ideas, I’m simply voicing my opinion. My view on suggestions that take away from the game: I believe that some people don’t think about what they suggest and what it would do to the game before they share the idea. Example 1: “Make it so we can take more hits when the game begins and not get downed so easy.” Hello!? Am I the only one who sees a problem with this? This takes away the ENTIRE use of the perk Juggernog! If I’m not mistaken, what I have heard is that its the most essential perk in the game! 100% guaranteed every zombie fan out there has some major connection with Jug. It IS the 1st perk (with the exception of Quick Revive in Solo). Doing something like this would get rid of moments like: (and I know we’ve all been here) Player gets downed on a high round and teammate goes out of his way to revive him. ‘Gonna go make a run for jug’ ‘Dude, it’s the middle of a round—your gonna get your ass kicked’ *friend tries and gets downed* *teammate tries to help again, but dies* Game over *Samantha’s laugh*. Again, I’m not saying that the game should be the hardest shit you have ever played, but simple things like taking more hits without a perk make the game easier and—you guessed it—take away from the originality of the game. So when you think of suggestions similar to this one, please consider asking yourself “Does this intentionally make the game easier? If so, am I counter-acting this benefit I’m receiving with a challenge?” Again, (I know if you have read this post up this point this will sound repetitive, I apologize) I am not disapproving other people’s ideas, I am simply voicing my opinion and mean no negativity to the person and their suggestions. So much negative, how about some positive? I have seen a REMARKABLE amount of amazing and creative feedback from the fan community and I absolutely love some of the ideas that I have read! (Topping it off is the Schoolyard map idea) I really appreciate that Treyarch listens to the community as much as it does otherwise I probably wouldn’t even be writing this post. There are certain ideas that I really do like a lot such as: being able to PAP twice, perk ideas like Retain Soda, Sweet Switch, Stopping Power, etc, new easter eggs, character choice (**not character customization**), new types of zombies, new guns, new wonder weapons like the Partializer and the Flamethrower one (although I do feel like this could become overpowered), and the list goes on. The amount of amazing ideas I have read is crazy and I see myself playing the new zombies almost 24/7. To wrap up, I apologize if I offended anybody or their suggestion in any way, shape or form. I only meant to voice my opinion and hopefully get the best out of the upcoming game so we as a community can enjoy it as a whole. I am working on a list of things new I would like to see as well as a list of things I would like to see return. And I am working on a map idea that will include everything from characters to easter eggs to even achievements/trophies. Thanks for letting me post and I’d love to hear whether anyone agrees or disagrees with what I have said. Black Ops Zombies Fall 2012 can’t wait!