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    You do the something else, it's says does not deserve, do post here and should no longer be adjusted to Call of Duty fans. I mean, I did not know how it's MW2 multilayer. But did that stop me from buying, reading and enjoying the Ghost comic. It" don't take. Find Makarios is a cheap invitation of knowledge, More likely, however Modern Warfare was here before Black Ops so who cares? Who is hating on this game already reminds me of the same delay, the said years ago things like "World at War? Ugh. Not a WW2 game. I do not want to play it because of Trey arch's" in a real douche Voice.
  2. What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    Round 30th, We started with four people. One of them was one of those who never opens abruptly Box doors, only spending money to the box, always had the revers on his mice too high and killed the crawlers. We locked him in behind an electric barrier with the zombies get rid of him at around level 15th. The next guy was one of those guys angry, everything, and he finished at around level 18 Finally, it was just me and a no-microphone, and both of us together on 35 laps, before we stop. It took about four hours, so we just stopped playing.