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  1. SEVEN fuse boxes

    Here's a theory i've heard and could be quite POSSIBLE! Theory I have is that if you go and take a look at the 7th fuse box (green one) there is a picture what looks like to me is a nova 6 gas zombie with a line through it........And if you hit all six boxes make them blow up or spark blue then hit the green one you can turn on the Power on to the curtain and teleporter without hitting the switch and Being OVER RUN by nova 6 gas zombies throughout the entire game! Now I have only tried this two times but am having a difficult time trying to get the 2nd red power box in the theatre with grenades FROM the balcony in the 2nd room from main lobby! but was successful in hittin the 1st box next to the teleporters and the other six or five not including the last Green one!! Anyways I will keep up at my attempts to grenade the 2nd box next to the wall if this works I WILL DEFINITELYL let you guys know right away !