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  1. Monkey / Perk Strategy

    Terrible strategy, how are you going to protect quick revive? here's my strategy, don't open the doors to jug, EVER. have your guys stockpile points, work with what you get in the box or use guns off the wall until everyone buys every single perk other than jug, then have them buy claymores and hit up the box til you get ray guns. assign perks for monkey round if you dont have a raygun or good monkey killing gun stay by flopper and flop off the stairs to kill monkeys. and before you get to monkey round lay 2-4 claymores in front of perks but make sure they are spread out so a bunch dont blow up on just one monkey and then it will give you time to get to your perk and protect it, and with the doors to jug still closed monkeys cant get to it so protecting perks is easier and you dont have to worry about jug so when you get your free perk it will be jug