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    Spelling out HITSAM or HYENA with the landers does nothing - at least in the level code. All we know is that once you collect a letter that doesn't fit correctly in either word, the progress gets set to 0. I bet there's code elsewhere in the game that does something when those conditions are met, or perhaps when only part of the conditions are met (like if you've spelled hit, but not hitsam). Perhaps the code for the mystery box, or for one or more of the weapons, or something. For example, there could be a line in the mysterybox code like: if (level.secret1_progress == 3) { //make some weapon available } Or there could be a line in the code for the raygun like: if (level.secret2_progress == level.secret2.size) { //rediculous damage modifier or something } I'd really like to take a look at some of the other code for this game that isn't the map code, but I don't know how I'd go about getting my hands on it...