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    Got a BUNCH of emblems here, all of which were made by me (some of them have been made by other people and I'm not claiming to have made them First, just that I myself created them.) Edit: Spoiler tags aren't working for some reason, sorry to those of you on low-bandwidth connections. Sorry for the bars across the picture, I can't change the refresh rate on my Evo. Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover Guns'n'Roses Logo Flaming skull with 157 across it, surrounded by an Omega Grammar Nazi (hehe) The closest awesome face emblem I've ever seen (I've seen a lot and most of them are absolutely terrible) Saints > Colts, lol Asked for emblem ideas, a friend said "Make it rain guns!" so I did. PS3 Ftw Mwahahahaha LG logo Original emblem I made, I love everything Red and Black (Including CodZ default skin!) I don't even know, haha. Threw this together in 15-20 mins, it's decent I think. "The more I stare the funnier it gets" Hope you enjoyed, if you have any ideas shoot me a PM and I'll do the best I can