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  1. Inception: Brave New World

    Isis Kuang Outskirts of New York City Year 2025 The motel was sandwiched between a dirty looking garage and some equally shabby office buildings. Dreary looking clouds had rolled in from the west as Isis had the taxi pull up in front of the "correct" room. She paid the man and shut the door behind her, sparing a glance around her. Most of the motel's occupants were shut up inside their rooms behind doors painted a peeling white. The strange man's motel room was shut tight and the curtains were drawn. She looked around for another second before drawing some light from behind the clouds as she pointed her finger at the scratched-up lock. Light collected around her finger and snapped out, punching through the metal like a hot knife through butter. The door swung inwards and Isis wrinkled her nose at the slight mustiness of the room. She crossed the stained carpet, a knife of shadow forming up into her hand. If this was a trap she wasn't taking any chances. There was no one else in the room with her. Isis ripped open the closet and was presented with a steel gray safe. There was a thick lock on that too, covered in minute scratches. She slid the shadow knife into the lock and it shriveled away from the tip as if the shadows were a disease. The safe swung open, squeaking on un-oiled hinges. The steel briefcase with the keypad locks was sitting unceremoniously on a pile of crumpled papers. Isis took it and looked around once more before closing the motel room door behind her. It gave her the creeps. The HASTE facility...what was that? Time to do some research.Hopefully I can do this without more of those men trying to kill me. Isis called a taxi over and quickly got in. "Lincoln Medical Center please,' she asked him. The driver nodded and began to turn out of the motel, turning the radio to a different station as he did so. "An unexplained power failure in the Messerschmidt Hotel and various events stemming from that has led police to find what are believed to be human ashes scattered around the hallway. These ashes are being identified and more details will be released soon." Shit.
  2. Inception: Brave New World

    Isis Kuang Lincoln Medical Center, New York Year 2025 Isis was thoroughly confused after her run in at the hospital. Stuffing the note into her pocket, she went looking for a better meal on the streets. They were always busy and the honking of taxis drowned out almost everything else. Isis found a small cafe, laying out the crumpled note. She hadn't gotten a good look at it but felt it was of at least some significance. The man who had called her "sister" was delirious, she concluded to herself. He had been in an accident, surely that must have knocked his brain loose. But Isis couldn't shake the fact that he had chosen her- her, out of the dozens of people in the lobby. She took a closer look at the messy scrawl. A phone number she should call in 24 hours at first, instructions to call the police depending on the response, a motel address and number and the safe code. She wondered briefly what was in the briefcase. After all, it wasn't every day that something happened like this... Isis ordered an espresso and danced her fingers across the motes of light that swam in her vision as she waited. ------------------------- Exactly 24 hours later, she called the phone number from her hotel room. The phone buzzed several times before someone picked up. A voice, unknown to her ears, crackled. "Hello? Who is this?" the mysterious voice asked her. Isis quickly hung up and glanced at the sheet of paper. Call him again in six hours Isis. Why? I don't even know the guy. This could be a huge prank... At least go to the motel. Get the briefcase. Maybe you'll get something out of this. What if it's a trap? What if it doesn't exist? Neith wouldn't weave you into one of those, would she? And at the very most you'll have not gotten a couple hundred bucks...right? Come on, I don't even... Just go. Isis sighed and grabbed her handbag, taking the slip of paper before she headed out the door. She looked at her knife sitting on the table, then looked down at her hands. Shadows and lights flickered beneath her skin. She could take care of herself. Closing the door behind her with a click, Isis walked down the hallway. A man dressed in the black suit of a lawyer appeared at the other end of the hallway, talking on his phone. His eyes lingered on her for just a second before flicking to some papers he held in his hand. She passed by him, examining the lights within him as she did so. Everything was at normal levels...perhaps a bit on the shadowy end but- An orange glow flickered within. She looked at him again, meeting his coal black eyes. He ended the call on his cellphone and pocketed it. "Excuse me miss, is there a problem?" he frowned. His hand holding the papers strayed to his side. Isis tensed. "No sorry. You look like someone I know, that's all," she said with a quick smile. The man nodded, his eyes still on her. They went their separate ways. Isis stopped at the elevator, waiting for it to chime. It never did. Something whispered in the back of her head, an urgent voice that willed her body to action. She turned to the suited man as he drew a compact pistol and fired on her. The bullets whipped past her face, one grazing her cheek and leaving a red score. They smacked into the dark oak paneling on the far side of the hallway. The man fired again. Isis barely stopped them, hastily throwing up a wall of swirling shadow that swallowed up the projectiles. Her assassin calmly reloaded, loading what she realized was now darts into the gun. "We're supposed to take you alive you know. He wants you alive," the man chuckled. Isis put a hand to her cheek. It was bleeding, coating her hand in crimson. She smiled at him. "You don't think I'm that easy to get, do you?" Isis flipped him the finger. She was terrified. The man squared up to her and fired a dart at her, just as Isis sucked out all the light on the floor. All of that light coalesced into a miniature sun, a bubble of energy that could explode with terrific force. Isis tossed it from hand to hand as the man fired blindly into the dark. "Stupid bitch! Vahlmer will get you one way or another! You can't hide!" he roared into the shadows. Isis sighed and threw the blazing projectile at the man. It burst on contact, disintegrating him from the inside out. His eyes blazed and he collapsed to the floor, a smoking pile of ash. The dart gun thudded to the carpet. Her hands shook and she leaned against the wall, breathing deeply and trying not to faint. It was hard. She had never sucked the power out of an entire floor before. Maybe a room, but that cost a significant amount of effort. She fished the wrinkled piece of paper out of her pocket, looking at the address. Time to find that briefcase.
  3. Inception: Brave New World

    Isis Kuang Lincoln Medical Center, New York Year 2025 Isis turned away from the corner as soon as the girl had started to approach her. She felt oddly fearful of stranger in the pink dress. Never, in her entire life, had she seen that glow before. She risked another look around the whitewashed corner, keeping her long hair from dangling with one slender hand. The girl and the doctor, both radiating light and darkness, vanished beyond the double swinging doors. Isis carefully walked up to them, intending to follow. Just as she was about to push them open, a young orderly dressed in dark scrubs stepped in front of her. "Excuse me miss, this area is for hospital staff only," he stared at her and cleared his throat. Isis was just a bit shorter than him. She gathered some motes of light from the lights and put them behind her, making it seem like she glowed. She looked up and gave him a bright white smile. "Please? Just...I have to see someone in there. It'll only be just for a moment." The orderly flushed cleared his throat noisily. He rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged. "Just one moment, I guess. Just one though." he held the door open for her. Isis walked past him into the restricted area, letting the glow fade. She started searching for the blue haired girl, grabbing a white doctor's coat off of a hook and slinging it on. Passing by a dozen rooms, she saw no radiating lights, only the normal ones. There was a commotion in the next room. Stopping abruptly and grabbing a clipboard off a nearby shelf, she hid her face behind it and peered into the room. There was a man on the operating table looking extremely dazed. Dr. Vahlmer and the blue haired girl were standing next to him, their backs away from the door. They were talking to him, asking him questions. From her limited view, Isis saw that he was bruised and battered. But what really caught her eye was the same pulsating light that emanated from the girl with blue hair. Two of them in the same room, and Dr. Vahlmer? It couldn't be a coincidence, could it? It appeared that Vahlmer and the girl were done with the man; it was time to leave. Isis put the clipboard back into place and strode quickly through the hallways, praying to Ra for some goddamn answers.
  4. Inception: Brave New World

    Isis Kuang Lincoln Medical Center Year 2025 The "Wow" macaroni and cheese wasn't so wow. Isis idly picked at it with a plastic fork, watching the fork's tips drag through the congealed cheese. She was sitting in the corner of the hospital's bustling cafeteria, watching people go by. The sun was shining brightly still, and her table was brightly lit. Her bronzed skin drank it in. Around her, hospital staff and patients went about their days. "Ugh." Isis got up from the table and tossed the container of food into the garbage on her way out. She wasn't really hungry to begin with. As Isis walked past the crowds of people, she saw in each of them the shadows and the lights. Many here had less of a shadow. After all, it was a hospital. She stepped to one side as a group of laughing high-schoolers, probably on a field trip, charged past her. Then she saw the doctor again. Isis froze in her tracks, everything and everyone around her forgotten. Dr. Vahlmer was greeting a slender girl with wavy blue hair. Isis guessed she was about the same age as herself. But it wasn't her pink dress that had Isis stunned. The newcomer was positively radiating with light, so bright that Isis's head ached. It wasn't like normal, however. The light was interrupted constantly by a pulsing of light red, almost like a heartbeat. It stretched out to Isis, and when she gathered it into her hand it turned as red as blood. She gathered a few motes of light from the shining sun, and a few shadows from the corner of the storeroom just down the hallway. She combined them and the three materials met with the sound of thunder. Isis felt the power surge through her, filling her mind with images of gods and the dead that rose to walk the earth. She saw Dr. Vahlmer, the blue haired girl, and many other faces that she didn't know. Giant pieces of glowing rocks, submerged in murky water or sitting in a tomb of smashed glass, flashed past her at the speed of light. She stumbled against the wall, touching her slender hand to the white plaster. The images, repeating themselves in an endless cycle, overlayed the real world. Through the flashing colours she saw Dr. Vahlmer turn and walk with Tia deeper into the hospital. When it finally ended, Isis was shivering. People walked by, unaware of her malefic visions. Isis recovered herself and tucked her long, silky hair behind her ears. She was going to follow that girl.
  5. Inception: Brave New World

    Isis Kuang Lincoln Medical Center, New York City Year 2025 She hated hospitals. They were always decorated with these bright fluorescent lights, intended to give the place a warm and clean feeling. Instead, they just hurt her eyes. The balance of light and shadow was off; and by a long shot. The false brightness touched everything and anything.The chemical smell filled her nose as she walked by dozens of rooms, all decorated with recolored, cheap paintings of flowers and fruits and other "happy" things. Doctors, students, and visitors all walked past her. She could sense it in all of them. They're lights and their shadows. Some people were nearly full of bright light, while others had a good balance. Some of the people she passed were deep in shadow, however. They were the ones with heaps of regrets, worries, and bad memories. They also had done many things wrong, without necessarily regretting it. These were the ones she usually watched closely. Never interfered with, but watched closely. She was now standing in front of a slightly ajar door. There was a tarnished brass plaque on the stainless steel. "Room 5115". She pushed it open and stepped inside, her eyes adjusting to the dimmer lights. There were two beds in this room, separated by maybe two feet.. There was the barely audible beep of monitors and somewhere outside, a child laughed. And then the whisper. "Isis..." She walked over to the beds quietly and took two old, but calloused hands. "Mom. Dad." "I told you she'd visit us." her mother wheezed. "Guess I owe you a dollar then." her father coughed. They're sicker than I last remembered. "How are you guys doing?" she asked. "We're just...fine here," her mother said, "Though I'd rather be in Egypt." "I know you would. You can't leave here though, at least not yet. The doctors-" "The doctors get paid to say whatever they want, Isis. The gods have a plan for us, and I do not intend to resist it." She opened her mouth to say something, but then there was a knock on the door. It was sharp and short, like the report of a machine gun. She turned around, staring at the doctor. He wasn't familiar, not at all. She was fairly certain she had never seen him before. And he, she noticed, was filled to the brim with shadow. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but you are the daughter correct? We must speak." he beckoned to her, "Just outside here, if that's alright?" Isis followed him outside, where he shut the door to her parent's hospital room. "I'm Doctor Vahlmer. Nice to meet you." He stuck out his hand. She shook it. It was the hand of a highly educated man. "I do not wish to intrude on your time with your parents, but there is something I must tell you." he glanced at her and then flipped to a chart on his electronic tablet. Isis had known this was coming, from the moment her parents had suddenly "retired" from an archaeological dig in the Middle East. "Their tumors are growing, despite everything we have done. It simply won't stop. Putting it that way..." he sighed, "there's not much we can do and I'm not sure they have a lot of time left." Isis stayed calm on the outside, but inside, she seethed. The man was evil, she was sure of it. The shadows curled around him like moths to a lamp. "I'm so sorry." he took her smooth, slender hand in his. She wasn't listening to him though. As he held her hand, his sleeve slid back to reveal his wrist. There was a black tattoo of a bird etched on his skin. She knew it was a hieroglyphic. And it stood for evil. She drew back her hand quickly, mentally bringing together the lights coming from the fluorescent bulbs. Dozens of motes gathered at her fingertips. invisible to all but her. "Thank you doctor...keep trying to save them. Please. They mean a lot to me." Isis nodded to him, her hand twitching. She withdrew quickly and strode back the way she came, feeling the doctor's eyes bore into the back of her skull. I know what you are, and what you can be.
  6. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Your large house has no rooms, only one empty space. I wish for a better computer.
  7. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    The small courtyard was a kind of figure-eight shape, two fountains forming the holes and multiple entrances and exits on either side of each 'O'. The walls (or lines) of the figure-eight were townhouses, reasonably sized if not large and luxurious. Zombies began to trickle in, slowly at first, but they all knew it would turn into a torrent of undead soon enough. Shizune, all of her thoughts now focused on the battle ahead, drew her high-powered and expensive handgun (looted from a store to her regret) and made sure a round was in the chamber, her other arm wavering with the knife unsheathed. "Drag the girl to one of the townhouses. I'll meet you there," Shizune turned to Ji with a strange look in her eyes before turning back and stepping towards the undead. The first to meet death (again) was an office worker, bloodstained shirt and all. Shizune's fist/knife rammed through his lower jaw and through the top of the skull with a *CRACK*, lifting him off of his feet and depositing the body a couple feet away. Ji didn't pause and began to carry Tia to the most secure looking one. It didn't seem damaged, really, just had a smashed in door and the usual wear and tear of missiles. She pushed open the door and sprinted upstairs quickly, her eyes darting around for any undead. There were none. She lay Tia on a bed before rushing back down, draggin the couch a bit closer so she could board the door. "Shizune!" Shizune was darting amongst the horde now, the zombies around her falling into heaps of meat. The girl suddenly paused, punching another one and ripping the knife out brutally before looking to Ji at the raised doorstep. A zombie hand grasped her from behind and she spun, shoving the pistol under its chin and blowing the brains out in a shower of blood and bone. And just like that, in the snap of a finger, she was beside Ji, pumped up from the action with a fleck of blood on her cheek. "Help me move this!" Ji asked, pulling the couch. Shizune grasped it and lodged it in the doorway with her before piling more things, chairs, tables, whatever, in front. They stood back to admire their handiwork, looking at each other carefully before breaking out into small smiles. They were already getting somewhere, or so Ji thought. "Is the girl alright?" "Tia? I . . . don't know. She's upstairs resting." The blockade shook, and zombie moans echoed through the house. "This won't hold forever." "I know. Hopefully Tia wakes up by the time they break through . . . " Both girls fell silent for a second, consumed in their own thoughts. "I'm sorry . . . I led us into this mess," Ji looked at Shizune sadly. "All that matters is that we get out. Alive." Ji nodded and turned back to the doorway, her sword at the ready. Shizune's reply had put her a little off, but maybe it was just her being exhausted or something. The blockade rumbled again and a crunch was heard, followed by the appearance of a snaking hand and the scream of the undead. Ji stalked to the door and shoved her blade through it, feeling it sink into more flesh and felt the zombie go slack, hopefully for good. A window smashed with the tinkle of glass as a zombie, then two, then a quartet crawled into the **** please report this topic, post ****, their eyes glowing and their mouths bloody. Shizune concentrated for a moment and zipped between them all, standing there as all of them slowly collapsed into little itty-bitty chunks. More zombie hands broke through the blockade, Ji trying to stab them all, but there were too many. "This isn't going to last long!" she cried out, burying her sword in another. Shizune looked at her before spinning and punching another zombie out the window. They were all around the townhouse now, the walls shaking with their moans and screams. "Come on Tia . . . wake up . . . " Ji murmured to herself worriedly before firing a bullet into a zombie head that poked through a hole. Both girls began to feel a growing sense of dread as more broke in, getting past the defences. "Upstairs. Go," Shizune sprinted up them and covered Ji with her pistol as the horde finally broke in . . .
  8. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    "You know how to fight well," Ji spoke, looking at the slowly rotting bodies. "There are things you have to learn . . ." Shizune replied, standing up before dusting off her skirt, "Time to go." Ji got up without another word and glanced at the bodies one more time before wrapping her slender fingers around Shizune's arm. Ji had already scavenged the scarce ammunition for her pistol and looked at the buildings around her before they took off in the direction of that strange beam. The pair passed bodies, zombies, a lava lake covering a whole street. Japan, this city, it was dead. Ruled by the undead, while the living had abandoned it. Yet Shizune seemed to cling to it like many other survivors, because it was what they knew. Maybe . . . maybe the entire world wasn't like this. Maybe help was on the way. But no. Ji knew that the world wouldn't change. It would be like this for ages . . . possibly forever. "We're . . . here." Shizune trailed off, prying her arm away from Ji gently and straying some distance from her. Ji looked to the spot, a small courtyard in the middle of some wrecked townhouses. Their windows were dark, and all of the lights had been blown out. There was a shadow . . . of someone in the smoke. "Hello?" Ji spoke out softly, approaching the cloud of smoke. The figure didn't move, but became clearer. It looked familiar, clearly female. She further approached it to the soft protests of Shizune before crouching down and lifting away the hair that covered her face before sharply inhaling. "Tia."
  9. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    The two girls traveled at an extraordinary speed, weaving and whirling through piles of rubble, bodies, and abandoned vehicles. They were heading in the direction of the beam, northwest of their position. Suddenly they grinded to a halt. "Why did we stop?" Ji asked, looking around. They were near some kind of broken monument, the person standing on the pedestal half broken away onto the dead grass below it. "I must rest. If only for a bit." Shizune said quietly, setting herself down on one of the stone steps with a sigh. There weren't any zombies in site. Not yet, anyways. Ji decided to take the opportunity to get to know her host a little bit more. "So . . . " "No questions please." "But I-" "Please . . . ahjumma, no questions. Not right now." Shizune scooted over, farther away from her. So she did know Korean, if a little at that. A few minutes later Ji was shaken from her own thoughts by a sudden rustling and clatter of knives. Shizune stood in a defensive position as three men approached them, one aiming a pistol, and the other two some ramshackle melee weapons. Ji, however, was on the other side of the monument. They didn't see her yet. She slid her sword out and bit her lip, loosening her pistol as well. "Well well well . . . what do we have here?" "A little angel I'll tell ya." "Didn't think a girl could survive in this shithole." "And would ya look at those weapon thingys on her arm!" "I could do myself some knew knives . . . " There was the crunch as the man stepped forward, Ji hauling herself up and placing a pivoting hand on the monument before vaulting and slamming the man in the chest with her shoes. There was a crack and the man's pistol fired into the air, the other two surprised by the event. "Two girls . . . all the better for us . . . " The two men started forward, tattered, worn young men. Shizune blazed forward and shoved both of her blades into his chest, lifting him up on them as he coughed blood and stared in shock. She threw him away to the ground, leaving him to bleed out. Ji blocked an iron pipe and kicked him in the groin before swinging her sword up in a twirl, opening him up like a tin can from belly to forehead. He fell backwards, dead already. The last man, the one with the gun, scrambled back as Shizune went over and stabbed him in the chest once, twice, three times, gurgling blood as he finally died. Both the girls cleaned off their blades and stared at each other before sitting down again, letting the bodies sit . . .
  10. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    The knives wavered at her throat as the girl stared at her with fire in her eyes. "Please . . . just . . . take the knives away. I'm not going to hurt you" Ji said softly. The girl continued to glare at her as she slowly drew the knives away, leaving them at her sides. They stayed, however, at the ready position. Ji looked around at the surprisingly spacious bunker. There was a separate room by the far wall and she could see a nicely kept bed. The room didn't smell, which she realized only after a couple seconds. That was a surprise. The girl in front of her suddenly straightened, almost like she'd had a sudden burst of confidence. "What . . . what's your name?" she spoke softly. "My name is Ji. Ji-eun. What's yours?" "Sh . . . Shizune. What are you doing here?" the girl spoke softly again, sounding a bit on edge. "I teleported . . . here. To Japan. I don't know this place." "You don't. This . . . this is my home. Ummm . . . " Shizune looked around before grabbing some cans of food. They were some sort of chunky Japanese soup. Looked quite good to Ji, running away from hordes of zombies did make someone hungry. Shizune went over to what seemed to be a cooking area in the bunker and opened them, grabbing a small jug of water. She then set to pouring the soup in a metal pot. "Are you from Korea?" "Yes. Seoul to be exact." "Was it destroyed by the missiles too?" "Yes. But the city was completely annihilated. Not like here." "So then they were different missiles which means . . . that . . . " Shizune drifted off into her own thoughts again and left Ji standing there. Shizune moved and Ji caught another glimpse of the scar running down her face, her eyes automatically being drawn to it. Shizune noticed quickly and turned to her, covering it with her long hair. "I don't . . . I haven't seen a human in . . . a long time . . ." "Well here I am. Thank you for giving me shelter." "It's ummm . . .alright . . ." she said before busying herself with fixing up bowls of soup. There was suddenly another loud crash, but it wasn't a building falling down. Ji undid all of the locks despite Shizune's gasps and opened the door, letting the darkness fill the room. A bright beam of light arced down from the sky and hit the ground somewhere, resulting in a bright flash and crackle of blue electricity which sprang between buildings. The spectacle faded away without a trace soon after. "Did . . . did you see that?" Ji exclaimed, pointing to the spot. Shizune came up next to her timidly, peering out. "I didn't see anything but the lights." "What do you think it was?" "I . . . ummmm I don't know." "Let's go then! It . . . it could be them . . . " Ji said to herself as she readied her weapons. Shizune paused. "Wait. Ummmm . . . I don't think that's a good idea . . ." Ji sprinted out, slow compared to what Shizune usually traveled at. "W-wait!" Shizune exclaimed, "I could ummm . . . carry you . . . " Ji paused before wrapping her fingers around Shizune's bracer. "Ready." And then they took off towards the blue lights.
  11. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    Ji Eun Japan August 18, 1969 It was evening. Or so she thought. Ji couldn't tell the time anymore, because clouds covered the sun and the stars and the moon. She just followed her sleep schedule, the hectic half-sleep but always ready to bolt if she heard the shuffle of feet. As the young woman continued into urban Japan, the world darkened, only lit by the fires and lava sizzling on the streets. The moans of zombies echoed faintly, always following her, the constant companion that shredded away at her senses and sanity. Her shoes clicked along the pavement as she passed a broken antique shop. A piano was flipped onto the sidewalk and papers were scattered across the sidewalk. It was saddening really, to her. She loved pianos. The shattered one on the sidewalk was just a relic, a symbol of what had happened to her life. She'd liked guys. She was shy around them. She had friends. They went out to dinner. She had performed in front of audiences. They had cheered at her performances. But all of that would never happen again. She would never play the piano, never could play it. A faint clatter roused her from her reminiscence as she turned her head and held her sword out in front of her. The dark alleyway separating the smashed antique store and crumbling drug store churned, a void that seemed to draw her gaze. She thought she saw a form, slightly humanoid, small and slender. It reminded her of herself when she was younger. But the figure . . . it wasn't a child. ". . . hello?" she said tentatively. The figure stopped moving, their barely visible outline swerving in and out of her focus. A zombie stumbled out from a store behind her, snarling as it edged towards her direction. "Please . . . I won't hurt you . . ." she began to look around as more and more made their way towards her, another horde that she could not escape by some fissure. She saw the glint of intelligent eyes as the shadow considered. "I don't . . . I don't know where I am . . . I'm . . . lost . . ." Her voice had a pleading note to it as she turned and shot the closest zombie in the head, dropping it to the street. There were more zombies coming every minute now and more shots rang out from her gun. Ji turned to the figure one last time and dropped her empty pistol. "I . . . I see how it is." She turned back to the zombies and calmed herself down (as much as she could) before beginning a song. It started out slow, building up energy before booming outwards in a wave of destruction. Shizune, hidden in the shadows, widened her eyes as the zombies were blasted backwards from the woman in front of her. They hit each other, hit the streets, hit everything as the wave fell like dominoes. Ji stumbled back, exhausted as more zombies came towards them. "That's . . . that's all I got. I guess this is goodbye." she said sadly to Shizune as she drew her sword. Shizune panicked as the girl started to walk forward, twirling her sword above her head.She couldn't just leave her! That woman's blood would be on her hands! She could . . . bring her. Maybe. Maybe. Companions though. Humans. Human contact. No. No. Yes! No. No! Yes! She had to! Shizune couldn't just . . . she couldn't just let her die! The timid girl wrung her hands together. Ji didn't feel scared anymore, she just felt tired. Tired of running. Tired of having to be on edge. Maybe death would finally quell that. She ducked under the first zombie's swing and cut it in half, not even stopping as she dodged another attack and cut off both of its arms before kicking it away. She would fight until she died. A zombie's hand tore her dress and she thrust the sword into its mouth and out the back of its head. Black blood spurted into the air as she ripped it out and cut off a leg. They were all around her now, just dying to feed on her. A figure suddenly blurred through the zombies, punching and kicking everything around it as it finally reached Ji. It was a girl, shorter than her, with deep purple eyes and hair. She caught a glimpse of a white scar running down her face, almost hidden by the strands of hair.The girl took hold of Ji and suddenly they were flying through the horde and on to clear streets. "Run." Ji started to sprint after the girl, who was quicker than she was. They ran for some time as the zombies stumbled after them and finally, they reached a pile of debris. Old condominiums towered around them. The girl paused, looking around and opening the near-invisible entrance. She disappeared and Ji hurried in after her before the girl closed the door with a resounding "BOOM". And then the knives were at her throat.
  12. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    Shizune Ikezawa Japan August 18, 1969 There was a click of locks as the heavy wooden door swung open, reinforced with sheets of rusty metal, nails, and various other things. It rendered the entrance nearly invisible under the wreckage of the tall, once sparkling condominium that had housed Japan's middle and upper class individuals. The small girl stepped out carefully, quietly eating the last piece of her breakfast. Her deep purple eyes darted around and scanned her surroundings constantly like she was on the run. But wasn't everyone these days? The old, dented M1911 sat in a leather holster at her hip on a hardy belt she had picked up from the old department store, which was now overrun. Her flat black shoes padded silently on the ground. In the distance, she heard a loud crumbling noise as one of the skyline buildings toppled, a mushroom cloud of dust growing where it was. Shizune winced slightly. Loud noises made her nervous. People made her nervous. But what was human contact? She didn't know anymore. Not since . . . not since the missiles fell. 2 years ago. She was 17 when it happened, and now? What was she? 19? Something like that. Most of her time was scavenging and waiting. Waiting for what though? For someone to save her like in a fairy tale? She was smart enough to know that wouldn't happen.Oh yes, she was smart. Very smart. So smart she had . . . . graduated at the top of her class . . . which was now incinerated. But, what she possessed in grades she also carried in ingenuity. One may have thought that the strange, deadly looking bracers on her forearms were simply child's play but they actually were quite complicated, complicated enough to serve its purpose. Two sharp and serrated knives, carefully polished, sharpened, and in near new condition sat snugly in their separate holders. Her hands were free, able to manipulate things while those knives could punch through the undead. She wasn't afraid of them. Was she? No. She'd read many books on that subject. They were simply things in her way. But now wasn't the time for such thoughts. She had to find some supplies, and maybe some gun oil, and maybe . . . yeah she needed a lot of things. Stepping out of her reverie, Shizune took a long path and ended up in the old city. Her city. Her home. Dust swirled around her feet, old newspapers, toys, bits of concrete. Every passing year it seemed to get worse. More buildings collapsed. Lava sizzles across the streets. The the undead . . . they were always here. Moaning, shuffling, clogging the old paths she used to walk with her friends. They were like a plague. The girl further traveled into a small, decrepit store. Its treasures had not yet been unlocked. The slender Japanese woman slipped through the broken glass door, eyes once again scanning for danger. The orange skies swirled and light shone dimly through the bullet holes in the wall. The shelves were spoiled, knocked over, dusty, and some had blood spattered on them. She rummaged through the shelves and put them carefully into a lightweight bag, meticulously as if they were eggs. Just as she was finishing up, the sun began to set. Shizune searched around once again, nervous. The zombies were faster at night. Or were they just scarier? No. She wasn't scared. Nu-uh. Shizune get out of your thoughts! Stop! Something's going to- The zombie shuffled towards her and lunged, salivating jaws snapping open and closed like a frantic fish. Razor sharp, plagued, diseased teeth snapped centimeters from her neck as the girl spun around and punched the zombie, a vicious uppercut that punctured through the bottom of its jaw and through to the brain. The tip of the blade glimmered wickedly out of the top of its skull, shining through the matted hair. She pulled it out with little effort and the figure dropped to the ground in a heat. Black blood leaked out onto the cracked white tiles, seeping through the minute fissures like small red rivers. She returned to the shelves, her heart rate faster when she suddenly heard the sound . . . of a human voice. It was so foreign to her, so foreign to hear a real life voice. She sprinted towards it lightly, her feet now pattering on the concrete. She slid behind a concrete block and watched the scene unfold. One figure, slender like her, a bit taller however, in a black dress. The zombies a living mass of teeth and hands in front of her. What could Shizune do? Would she . . . save the person? But the fissure separated them already. She didn't like people. She didn't like them. Not one bit. No. People made her nervous. She liked being alone. She liked being ALONE. In this quiet world. Her world. Her home. The cry brought her back to the present again and she half stood up, crouching back down again as the girl hauled herself over the side of the fissure. Her side of the fissure. Shizune gulped and retracted back into the shadows as the figure sprinted past her. It was a woman, maybe a little older than her. Nice looking black hair. Asian. Human.
  13. ~Inception~ Season 3: Genesis

    Two years after Missile Strike Japan Ji Eun felt that warping sensation again, the buzz in her stomach and the overwhelming sense of vertigo as purple flashed before her eyes, an endless wormhole. The purple tunnel suddenly severed and she crumpled to the ground, landing on a teleportation pad and shivering. She never liked the feelings anyways. Gradually, the girl cracked open her eyes and was met with a very familiar site. However, this wasn't Seoul. No, it wasn't her home. It was . . . somewhere else. Yet it still stank of gasoline, foul air, and fire. She picked herself off of the pad and brushed some stone off of her dress, looking around. The only light shone from a gaping hole in the ceiling, which continued into the floor. There were overturned tables and cables on the floor. Ji stepped off of the platform lightly and held her sword in front of her, squinting into the sky. It was a deep orange, constantly shifting and flickering as lightning split the air. It was now that she realized where she'd ended up. The Japanese characters, painted by hand, were spat upon the wall like graffiti next to a pair of buckled double doors. As a girl, she had some sense of the other Asian languages, but mainly English and Korean. After some time of translating, she figured it was a date of some event or something. She could really use Erich or Henry right now . . . Climbing through a smashed window, albeit carefully, Ji Eun slid behind an overturned van a shape moved down the street. She peered through a hole in the van the size of a dinner plate as the shuffling form slowly came into view.The slow, scratchy sounds of its feet sounded in the air as she readied her sword, adjusting her slender fingers on the grip. The slim girl breathed calmly before sliding out and swinging at the zombie, slicing it across the lightning-blue eyes and lopping off the top half of its head. The zombie stumbled, jaw snapping as she kicked it and made another cut across its neck. Black blood spurted out weakly and pooled across the pavement, going towards a glowing fissure that separated the street. Another zombie stumbled out of a wrecked condominium, rather, a dozen of them. Where there was one . . . there were hundreds more. Ji Eun adjusted her sword and started to sing a lilting tune. Over time, she'd learned to harness her powers better. Singing the soft tune gradually built up energy within her chest. She continued to gaze around as the zombies stumbled towards her, a living mass of gnashing teeth and rotten flesh. And then she launched into the chorus. The notes flew from her mouth, an abundance of energy which boomed outwards. The invisible energy blew away the first zombies, sending them sailing into the air. Other's limbs were ripped off and bones shattered from the pure force generated by this girl. Rank upon rank of zombie fell and the sound wave shattered the condominium to the right of her, which, with a groan, started to topple onto her. The shadow fell across her as she sprinted across to the fissure behind her which glowed menacingly. Gathering all of her strength, she leaped across the gaping expanse and landed hard, clutching at the jagged rocks as she struggled to haul herself up onto the other side. Below her, lava hissed and bubbled as the rocks dislodged by her fell and were melted instantly. Her pale small hands scrabbled for purchase among the various rocks and trinkets that littered the streets. Zombies came from the other side and fell off, trying to get a grip on her. They fell into the expanse and died with small hisses. Ji Eun panted hard and finally hauled herself up with a small cry, trying to catch her breath. The condominium collapsed across the street and obliterated everything under it with a cloud of dust and torrent of concrete and glass, burying the rest of the horde. And thus began her journey, deep into the unknown of urban Japan.
  14. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    That was well said ^ The premiere was simply . . . wow. BUT HERSHELELELELELLEL So. Beth and Carl? EH? :lol:
  15. lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    The really old ones will, provided they're still in good condition. I have a Lord Of The Rings one, but if I remember clearly, LEGO has really rocketed in price the past years . . .