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  1. Corrupt-A-Wish

    Your large house has no rooms, only one empty space. I wish for a better computer.
  2. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    That was well said ^ The premiere was simply . . . wow. BUT HERSHELELELELELLEL So. Beth and Carl? EH? :lol:
  3. lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    The really old ones will, provided they're still in good condition. I have a Lord Of The Rings one, but if I remember clearly, LEGO has really rocketed in price the past years . . .
  4. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    PREMIERE IS SO CLOSE. Well, maybe notmas close as you think. BUT CLOSE!
  5. lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    Both. I love lego, and I shall never give it away!
  6. Calling all of you out

    Not knowing much about the game will keep it played more for longer. If we knew everything about the map/weapons perks etc then we would be bored by around January because there would be nothing to find out And THAT'S why this forum exists. To find out things that are not easily presented. Like Zaptn said, if we knew everything what's there to find? Where's the fun in knowing exactly what happened and where in the storyline, and what will happen? Exactly.
  7. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    There are also box DVDs that look awesome :)
  8. Oh hai :3

    Woohoo go team. Um . . . yeah. Hi!
  9. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    Tankeo, post it and I will write. I got ideas :)
  10. CoDz Word Association Game

  11. Blackout here! :D

    An xboxer? Awesome, send me a request. MyLiLHellhound. Welcome to the site man, happ slyaing. ;)
  12. CoDz Word Association Game

  13. CoDz Word Association Game

  14. ~Inception~ (Discussion thread)

    WAIT Tankeo wait was that a joke or . . . wait. Uh . . . ok nevermind. Either lemonade or Erich (Mega) post . . . grargh
  15. CoDz Word Association Game

    BEAST (don't ask if you don't want to know lol)