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  1. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Your stance seems incorrect. It doesn't matter who gets the info first, the point is that these sites, whether it be DW24/7, CODz, or any other site at that, is providing the news and nothing more. There isn't any sort of competition, I don't know why you think that this is all about.
  2. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    I just joined, I'm from Neejoh's website. He created MW24/7 for news on MW2's release last year, and now he made BO24/7 for Black Ops. We have a forum for these 2 sites plus BC24/7 here: http://forums.digitalwarfare247.com/ sorry, I had to make sure Neejoh's actual website and forums got credit also. If you find major info using the images and would like to share it with Neejoh himself and our community, you can join and post in the official topic for sharing gathered info. Thanks guys