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  1. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    First of all i want to say that i registered this account because i love the way treyarch have put us the history of nazi zombies, and the idea of GKnova6 its more than brilliant. When i read about the live drop the first thing to come in my mind, and remembering some images of the documents, the part of: "I can´t belive they were so advanced in that time". one document said stability problems, and issues in the design. I imagine that comes with the prototipes the nazis made, i cant remember well the name of the bomb, but they were close to create an atomic bomb, after they made the strongest ballistic missile, they were dropped by the first i dont reemember how its said in english but in spanish they were: "jets a reaccion". if we are talking about the cold war, some of the nazi sciencitist emigrated to america. So i wouldnt surprise if the story tolds about the nazi sciencitist retake a forgotten project, something came wrong, and someone its risking the intelligence, something that big and secret that the CIA have to silence them. So the thing that gio and ace want to do its alert the people about what happened and whats comming. PD: sorry for my bad english xD