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  1. What do you hate most about MW2?

    I bet your not a camper. . . Last I checked, hiding in/around a corner with a noob-tube is not defending anything, and I highly doubt thats what grenade launchers were invented for. . . I find it absolutely hilarious that your talking about "Real Warfare". In fact, here's a military field manual on the m203. I bet they don't train the soldiers to use it the way you do. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ ... p1.htm#1-1 Is that real enough? Sure there are campers in everygame, but just admit that there have never been so many as there are in modern warfare 2. Oh wow you found a article. nice google skills. HEY! how about next time, don't be so confrontational about stuff and people wouldn't have to resort to this! First off, im willing to bet more than 3/4 know NOTHING about how real warfare is fought. The only reason i know is I am thinking about joining the military (only 15 as of now, but i am doing everything that i can to prepare myself mentally, which excludes this game.) and because my family comes from a long history of war, and let me tell you something, its not what you think it is, or you are told. No, ever since world at war and modern warfare, everything the call of duty games put into the minds of gamers is 90% wrong and could never happen. For instance, the people talking about the f'n barett above. ITS AN ANTI-ARMOR/TANK/PERSONAL VEHICLE, THE ONLY TIME YOU WOULD EVER USE SUCH EXPENSIVE AMMUNITION ON A HUMAN TARGET IS IF YOU WERE A MILE OR MORE AWAY!! at which point it would be most ineffective anyways. Do you know what happens to a person when hit with a 50 caliber from a barret? Lets say there isnt a corpse. or body parts laying around either. Predator missile: you think they spend so much money to kill 4,5, even 10 guys? HAHAHAHAHA NO!! Its vehicles, and buildings. Any vehicle or building hit by something like that would be a pile of rubble, not perfectly in shape like in MW2. Lastly, i said its a video game, they can do whatever because its for fun, but they should probably still have at least a little bit of realism into it. I'd like to see one of you pick up a LMG and go full auto. That's not what there meant for. small bursts, just like every automatic ever invented. call of duty-----------------------real life Your right when I last used my preditor missle i was riding on a donkey and it bucked me off. But Right before i hit the ground i managed to hit a building with then it did a back flip barked 3 times then fell crushing our earth causing a sub-atomic explosion to occur which everyone managed to live .... that is your logic its just stupid a barrett will not make people disappear. and we would use a preditor missle on 5-10 people because we do even dumber stuff with money like for instance making atomic bombs that have been declared ILLEAGEL to use in warfare just face it you dont know what you are talking about you have no friends and come to this website so you can try and act smart when in fact infity ward its going to use that preditor missle's broth to bomb you have a nice day which will end soon!!!!!!!!!!