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    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    I just posted this on the other phone number speculation thread but here it is again for you guys. Hey I work at sprint tech support and when I search that short code this is what I get. Sorry for the picture but for legal purposes I had to delete some things. It seems to be some Fedex code but it says it's been open since 2007 sooo... I don't know if it will be anything but we will see. http://www.ipsh.net/support/4FEDEX.html Also here is the website attached to the code. The Opt Out keywords are END, STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, or UNSUSCRIBE to the 433339 number. Aggregator Name OpenMarket Content Provider Name BBDO Short Code Name Fedex Short Code # 433339 Description alerts, wallpaper Start Time 01/11/2007 12:00:00 End Time 12/31/2010 00:00:00 Short Code Type S Carrier sprint,nextel,boost Use Cases: Must contain specific instructions for Opting In/Opting Out User sends keyword to short code 433339 User sends END, STOP, QUIT, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to short code 433339 Status Production Purpose of the short code Traffic Projections 22,000 Sprint Users Exposed. 220 Sprint Only Users. 440 Total MO's per month. 2,200 Total MT's per month. Bind Type Standard Rated Message Type SMS Test Numbers Content Domain URL http://ipsh.net/ewl.nsf/ Reseller(UnBlocked) Sprint Guppy Boost CARP Working Assets Exclusive(Allowed) None Contact Info Contact #:1 Contact Type 1 Name _default_ Phone No 1 8664010129 Phone No 2 Address 1 Address 2 Country Email support@ipsh.com Fax Zipcode Program(s) PRG_433339_1 Phone 8664010129 Email support@ipsh.com Website http://www.ipsh.net/support/4FEDEX.html After reviewing everything it seems like this may be the real deal. But the only thing is it might just be one of gamestops ploys to get a free Black ops wallpaper for your cell phone. Then again it is a fedex number. But we don't have the Opt In keyword. Unless it's 1712 or some word form of it. Just got to find out. They could have easily just said that it was allowed to be active since 2007 so see if you can find something out. I don't have texting. Please let me know. It's funny that the Purpose of the Short code section is blank.
  2. Skrye


    Alright first for the somewhat irrelevant information. Wouldn't the "pigpen" be able to mean the "Bay of Pigs". That was the failed cuban missle crisis mission. and then... I was reading earlier in the GKNova6 Tab that one of the messages had a picture of Karl = b Napoleon = d Did this get any further? My idea: worth crap but at least something even if it is a little old. I first thought that it would have been Karl Marx and Napoleon Bonaparte. But upon further research I found Heinrich Friedrich Karl and of course Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon brought about the Confederation of the Rhine. Karl became Supreme President of all Westphalian Chambers of commerce and Mining. (Which includes Gelsenkirchen) GK From what I read Karl seemed to disagree with napoleon on a lot of things. I figured that would be the b and d reference. I know this is reading a little too much into it but I'm at work with nothing to do so what the heck. It may even still have something to do with Karl Marx yet. Oh and more this whole thing could just deal with Nuclear Fusion which is what nova is. Or at least what it causes. This became a big deal in the cold war era. Oh and also GK could stand for Glycerokinase. Part of your DNA.

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