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    This could be me just making things up but...do you think maybe what is discussed in the audio log pertains to what they are doing now? For example, when he says "all we need to do is create a mystery, let them search it out and let them find the persons responsible. At the same time we can fabricate documents and dilute the pool of real information with disinformation." Do you think maybe we are the ones that they are spreading disinformation too? In order to throw us off of what they are really planning? Also in the transcripts sent it mentions that the "users" which they leak the info too "discuss wild theorys about who (they) are and what (they) may be affiliated with", which also can be seen as a reference to us message board users, who ARE throwing out plenty of theories (mine being one of them) Also the Date (March 15, 2010) could also make me believe it. *Shrugs* It's just a theory (of many right now), but it makes you think about what they could really be trying to do.