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    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    we are not looking for something,we are looking for someone
  2. akiraacecombat

    GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    hi I am one of the new guys following the gknova6 case, so far new interesting investigation about some stuff and some research about MKULTRA,but first you should have a look of the following file: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ARTIC ... AFT111.jpg in this file we found some evidence of the experiment that is carried out,but in the six experiment we find the chart: "experiment 6 - the morse code problem,with the enphasis on relatively lower I.Q. subjects than found on university volunteers."(may 11 1953) now whatever Morse code means is to remark the fact that in the experiment someone codename Morse is behind it,but the interest of Morse is taken by the DOC14 where mention of more is made, in a underline way(view 4 point): in the last document is feature a conflict between two members of the development team and the feature of a someone with high academic skills (probably Ted Kaczynski)but bad temper. and in DOC15 we found mention of an student part of the university with lower I.Q. (probably the athlete mention on the document) after that I just take the file that I found and I looked to the numbers on it(18 24 30 100)and search those pages of the declassified file: http://www.michael-robinett.com/declass/c018.htm http://www.michael-robinett.com/declass/c024.htm http://www.michael-robinett.com/declass/c030.htm http://www.michael-robinett.com/declass/c100.htm from this point I check the page 30 where I found the mention of an interrogation on point 26 (just like what we see on COD trailers and gknova6 site)and the mention of Sidney Gottlieb who was in charge of transport toxicology material for an operation in congo, maybe this is some kind of mission featured on Black ops. and something from wikipedia: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extent of participation Forty-four American colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like including Sandoz (currently Novartis) and Eli Lilly & Co., 12 hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and 3 prisons are known to have participated in MKULTRA. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i hope you can do better that I did 8-)
  3. akiraacecombat


    unfortunetly I have to say that what we saw is a laboratory(maybe Russian) and a guy being studied/tortured,if you search in you tube something like a video from analysis of the first trailer you find traces of a Russian letter in a lab, just like the ball one, check this video at 1:25 and you will see what i am talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=292tCSCvFQY is pretty similar to the the lab that is shown on the ball photo, have a look of it.
  4. akiraacecombat


    trailer dont say too much but we should shift our attention to "The package" , something that really took my attention is the following: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.cons ... fb1554c93# _________________________________________________________________________________ One Upstanding Citizen !!!may 19, 00:00!!! On May 18, 8:02 pm, X O wrote: > Giovani > You missed the drop. What happened? > Ace The drop was missed because the time and location were not clear. I urge you to reattempt the drop. _________________________________________________________________________________ pay attention to the "the drop" and the time of posting,it means or either one , there is a code/key in the trailer, or either two that something will come soon on our enciphering.
  5. akiraacecombat


    hi I mention earlier than the speed of the pulse and the breathing was increased,it is not true, my mistake I did push the button on the middle witch activate a second mp3 sound with the first one, so, for the people who is hearing different stuff is because a previous video probably gone activated and that caused,sorry about that, but the commercial will bring up a gknova6 update. here is a video from may 12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz8Og55MH7g it does show my mistake,srry.
  6. akiraacecombat


    and by the way, on Espn May 18 at 8:30pm the will preview a new trailer for CoD Black Ops so stay sharp on that date(saying this because the trailer it ends when the guy is having a heart attack ,just like is now on the web page so stay sharp)
  7. akiraacecombat


    hi people I'm new on this forum but I have follow all the messages on gknova6,so far all the messages has been unencrypted but here is the first thing, there is 5 transmission and those transmissions are different in both goal and kinds, but the thing is that , what is all about, 5 different transmissions, several documents and a couple of codes leading for a ultimate final decryption, well so far I believe that we will be facing a mayor code at the end. but for now I will tell you that for today may 17 (is a fact comparing a video of the web site taken on may 12)the breathing of the subject and he's pulse in the video is actually faster and more critical, like he is about to have a heart attack, I will put this in discussion but for the first ones that saw the video this is a clear fact.

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