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  1. Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    actually its probably this: Dead air On September 11, 1987, Rather walked off the set in anger just before a remote Evening News broadcast from Miami, where Pope John Paul II began a rare U.S. tour, when a U.S. Open tennis match was being broadcast into the time scheduled for the newscast. He was upset that the news was being cut into to make room for sports and discussed it with the sports department. The Steffi Graf-Lori McNeil tennis match then ended sooner than expected at 6:32 p.m., but Rather was nowhere to be found. Over 100 affiliates broadcast six minutes of dead air.[66] The next day, Rather apologized for leaving the anchor desk. we had to get the frequencies of the dead air during the video I know I was being sarcastic i've been reading ive found alot of stuff you guys have I just heard about the cod 7 debut news for friday
  2. Transmission 3 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    :shock: I Get The Kenneth What Is The Frequency Now..... They're Trying To Drive Us So Insane That We Go Around Beating People Up Saying What Is The Answer To The GKNova Riddle! :o