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Are there any new quotes from Samantha Maxis operator, in Cold War Zombies?

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I questioned myself earlier today because I was playing fire base z today on. On June 3rd 2021 and I began to realise that some quotes stood out to me since I'venever heard them before. I played using Samantha Maxis since her release, so I'd know if there'ssomething fishy with her quotes. I really feel like there's some new ones because there's some that I've never heard before. For example I heard these...

I'm not entirelysure of the 1st one which is, "Are you seeing this Weaver."

2nd I heard "I hate bullies."

"I shouldn't be here."

"Say my name I dare you"

"This is wrong"

"Are you scared of me, then you should be"

I just want confirmation if I'm wrong about this cuz I Never Once heard her say any of these.

Thank you!

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4 minutes ago, The Meh said:

I don’t know/think they have a great many new ones? That said, I imagine they add a few more every time a new game thing happens, so... could be totally wrong.

I'm not entirely sure, that's why I'm asking. I looked up videos and online for her quotes but none of them have what I heard in game today. Hopefully someone can find that out.

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