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The purpose of this is to give some insight to my latest map concept series, it was a big series and very fun to work on each idea. So this post is going to be me saying my thoughts on my map concepts, filling in some gaps in the storyline of the maps, giving some trivia about some things creation, talk about things I was going to add but didn't (this means it will also be kind of a concept thread in itself) and also giving a central hub for me to put all my map concepts, which can be directed to from here. If you have any questions about the storyline that I missed, please ask and I will update this.


Time taken to create: January 23rd to June 26th



Main Story:


So I wanted to make a map concept which could be plausible for the next game and essentially follow a new subplot. This subplot had four new characters who had been surviving against the apocalypse and thought they had found salvation. But instead they found death. I didn’t want it to end there though, I thought these ideas had potential and then I crafted a long elaborate story together which I think fits into zombies pretty well. Mostly it follows a concept not many people touch on in zombies, the evil entity in the MPD. I knew that I wanted it to be pushing the boundaries of existence in the Everlast series and that it would try to manipulate the group. So I named it Umbra, Latin for Shadow, which I think is quite eerie and fits well.


With each map there would be a story element that had been concealed throughout the story and would seemingly not have an effect on the rest of the story. Mostly they were 935 creations such as the Vessels, the Wunder Bullet which was the hardest thing to name until I suddenly came up with the name. Then there was the bomb. Almost like the last resort Wunder Weapon that would level large portions of countries in hopes of winning the war. Each idea also was inflicted by a time event due to element 115 warping the space around the area. There is a so called destiny trap in Dystopia where you essentially cause a lot of what happens in the map you are playing to happen. Then in Dynasty you have a whole other reality leaking into the main one. This only supports that other realities exist but no realities that have had events such as what is seen in the main story. Finally there  is Fallout which has the bomb suspended above a doomed city. The idea of the bomb was inspired by the moon in the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.


The name Everlast is the name of the group that were in Dystopia, Dynasty and Fallout. I named them this as they to me will last as a testament to all concepts and this series will be a model for any future ideas. Also, they were everlasting as they kept being resurrected until they became the stuff of legend. So for that reason, I dedicated this post in their name. This whole series is named Everlast to show how important these ideas were to me.


The majority of these concepts take place in a world where the Earth was destroyed and desolated, but how it happened is never said. It could have been the rockets from Moon, or maybe it was something else? I never wanted an explanation to that but what I did want was for major things to happen as a result. Also, the world isn’t in pieces like in Black Ops 2, maybe the Earth pulled itself together or never was in pieces. Either way, the maps revolve around this timeline having lots of time events inside. For example, Dystopia has the Nightmare Mechanism which brings the players to the start of the apocalypse. Dynasty has normal Tokyo collided with another timeline in which an industrial revolution had only just occurred. Fallout depicts a fallen bomb that needs to be set off and destroyed to fix a problematic paradox. The other maps are different stories as Hollow is set in the past and Agartha so has no outside influence, Anthem of the Dead is set closer to modern day while also being in the normal timeline where the Earth wasn’t destroyed. But the Spark is more of a beginning of a sequel to the Everlast arc. It begins many years after the apocalypse that had already happened and marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in Zombies as a lot so far has been resolved but obviously it is the same story just taken away from all of the previous lore quite a bit.











Anthem of the Dead:






The Spark:









Initially, my idea for Dystopia came about from multiple aspects that happened in one day. These aspects combined themselves in my mind and created the basis of a concept. I had found out a new mode had been added to Call of Duty Online’s Cyborg mode known as Deus Ex. It was a new mode where you escort a tank around an area and have to keep fixing it up. I liked the idea, but what got me more was the design of the tank. I wanted to see something like it in regular zombies, but I had no idea of what the concept would be about so I left it in the back of my mind. Later in the day, Jimmy Zielinski tweeted something about Voodoo but he also tweeted about building transportation and safe havens. He also posed this as a question so it ended with “Safe havens?” which comes into play later. In my mind, an idea began to connect itself. I wanted to make a map concept built around those last two ideas, but what would the transportation be? Earlier in the day, I had came up with this transportation. The X-Dark Vessel. So I had the groundwork for a map concept.


Character wise, I had no clue what I would do. I knew I needed characters that matched this gritty, semi-futuristic Dieselpunk, industrial background. Then I just had this idea, out of nowhere I came up with the idea of Dexter Plugg. I did not have his name at first but the mental image of him and his personality was there. I came up with Dexter as the character is a genius and I was watching Dexters Laboratory as I wrote this character out. His last name, Plugg, came about from me looking at different Hearthstone cards (I'm not into the game but I like watching people play) and seeing a character whose last name was Thermaplugg. It was a cool last name and rolled off the tongue well. Since Dexter had a lot to do with machinery, I thought this fit well. I adapted it from Dexter Thermaplugg to just Dexter Plugg, it seemed better as a character for him to just have the surname Plugg. Then I came up with Alexus Valentine out of the blue, she seemed to fit the style of the concept and seemed like somebody who could fit into a group of this style.Magnus is an idea about a character I had at the start of 2013 while I moved house. With no internet, a TV and DVD’s that were mostly family films, I got to work designing a lot of concepts. These concepts will come up here and there. I originally had Magnus as a survivor for another map concept which never went far but was continued to be used as parts of other concepts. Sergei was an idea I had a very long time ago but I never got chance to make him a character until now, in this setting. He does not have much inspiration to his creation and just exists because I wanted a hard as nails Russian who was old and the embodiment of action heroes today.


Save mechanics and a chapter system came about from me simply wanting to make something big, tell a story and also be able to come back to it at any time. I look at leaving matches differently now, I think the idea is very good and also avoids exploitation. You also have to finish a game in a way you would normally so you cannot exploit for high rounds, I think this idea would please many parties, especially since survival maps exist so classic zombies is always retained, something I said from the start when creating this idea. When thinking of this idea, I thought of both the good and bad things to it. I thought how each thing would have drawbacks or benefits and I hopefully managed to level it down to one feature which is only going to be a bit more broken than it was already, this was public matches. For this whole save concept to work, there only needs to be people cooperating with each other. Public matches can be a non-cooperative situation as a result but it depends how and who you would play with for this to be a drawback.


Gloomfield which is the first chapter of Dystopia is ironically not the first I made as I made it around the same time as Safe Haven. I knew I wanted it to be this kind of horrible gloomy town that was half modern, half futuristic. But most of all I wanted it to feel hopeless. The group had been travelling for 4 years by now, they had found nothing and had expected to not find anything here. Instead, they found that under it was a 935 laboratory with the plans for the survival of humanity. As well, the clock tower is important as it is a time machine but also is a link to a past map. Much like Shangri La which has a time travelling temple, Gloomfield has a time travelling clocktower. This map is meant to be a celebration of the past and I wanted to reference all maps so this is the start of that.


Redemption is essentially a metaphor. It is the redemption of the characters and a decider to whether you die or survive. It is around ruins that were once buildings occupied by the templars. This is like a bridge between Origins and the normal story, it shows the Templars were always there if you knew how to find them. Also, the setting was inspired by Stonehaven. Aesthetically, to me, the map is very appealing. The area up the hill is inspired by Fracture from Titanfall. Yet again parts of it had that same appeal to me. I decided to include Nacht der Untoten because this map is very far from what zombies originally was. Including it was my way of saying the roots of zombies are still present and won't be forgotten. I know it appeared in Tranzit and may have a story explanation for that, my explanation is that since a lot of time distortions are taking place it had fell through time because of the massive time events that had taken place within the quest easter egg so whatever reason it is in Tranzit will not effect its presence in Dystopia.


The idea of the X-Dark Vessel being built in the way it was, is a reference to the plane in Mob of the Dead. I instantly had the idea for what it looked like but I wanted a picture for reference. After searching for one I was all out of look. I scrolled down the page one more time and found an image that perfectly matched the ship that I wanted to portray which made me very happy. I named the chapter where you essentially first travel on the ship Voyage because it was the first time it had ever moved.


The last chapter to Dystopia is Safe Haven? I branded it with that question mark for two reasons. The first was because that was how it appeared in Jimmy Zielinski’s tweet and it stuck to me. But the second reason was because Safe Haven is a question, I saw it as the characters questioning where they were going and asking something that they sort of already knew the answer too. Having the area be a city floating in the sky, chained to the ground and surrounded by another city was the first thing I thought of when I was deciding what the Safe Haven was like. I liked the use of a farfetched idea which could be believable as well. The triquetra layout of the bottom area also just came to me as a way to make the bottom area more complex to survive in, I really thought about how all of these maps would play out gameplay wise and no matter how badly I probably worded it I still wanted to know that in my head they would be fun maps if they were real.





While working on Dystopia I had some ideas for where I wanted the story for the map to go next. I knew that Umbra would actually be revealed as a character but I didn’t really know how it would all happen. When I wrote the ending of Dystopia, I had this idea that they would crash and die, then get resurrected. A lot of the story for Dynasty is to do with the Wunder Bullet and ghosts. There's some story to the quest easter egg which is essentially that the train killed the people who first travelled in it and you have to free their souls. The setting of Dynasty was two versions of Tokyo formed into one because of time travel reasons. I don’t usually like the parallel words type of thing but one day it will make sense because it is essentially a way to introduce a new storyline possibility that I will explain in the future as well. Also I am going to explain the Steampunk universe that this map half took place in at some point in another map.


Tokyo with a Steampunk twist was a setting that I thought could work well for a zombies map. I love the way Steampunk looks but mixing it with traditional Japanese architecture would make a really cool looking map. There would be that gritty, smoke filled Undertown which was very dark and broken down. Then by travelling on the train, you get to this beautiful city, which is still covered in smoke but it is just nice. We get a lot of zombie maps lately which are the same setting. If you look at Tranzit and Buried, they essentially have some of the same areas but are from a different time period. As well they aren’t the most appealing maps to look at but I think their should be some really beautiful looking maps again like Shangri La with all the vegetation.


After killing off my characters, I had to bring them back to life. But something about the characters climbing out of the wreckage they had just been killed in to me is cool, it shows that unexpected things can happen before a map even begins. Then the characters slowly begin listening to Umbra who is trying to take advantage of them until Samantha finally intervenes and send the group back in time. Samantha, by now, is a lot different than before because she is no longer sending the zombies at the players and is instead trying to push them back. This is because Umbra is taking more control.


From the start of making this map, all I knew was that it was going to be in Tokyo and would have a train in it. It took me months to think up a name but then I thought of the Wunder Bullet and it fit perfectly. I think transportation can be good if it is done well. The Anvil is a feature that I like because it gives players more of an incentive to keep playing. My idea for zombies when looking at this is that some games could last around a month if people really wanted them too. It isn’t like the usual high rounds where you are just getting through a round that takes forever, there is still a lot to do and with the Anvil there is never a time when you run out of things to spend points on. Also the chandelier came from me on a bus driving past a store which had one in it. I was pretty ill at the time and all I could imagine was it spinning around and killing a bunch of zombies. So that is where that came from.



Anthem of the Dead


Anthem of the Dead was a strange map for me because I wanted to make an ‘Of the Dead’ map that revolved around music and the 2025 theme. I didn’t know where I wanted to set it or what the story would be, so I came up with a small one that linked to a murderer and you play as the victims and they are linked because of their family being previous members of La Source Noire. I thought that when Maxis mentioned La Source Noire, they should have had more explanation because they were name dropped for a reason. So this is a follow up to that idea that explains what would have happened in a timeline where La Source Noire existed in the campaign timeline. The map isn’t connected to zombies at all and just tells a story and explains some themes that exist within zombies but can’t be explained in the zombies timeline, at least in my opinion.


I decided to use a reimagining of Colossus from the Black Ops 2 campaign, instead of being set in the ocean it is actually in the middle of a city. I described the map as very broken down and dark, like Mob of the Dead was when it suddenly switched from being as clean as a Alcatraz could have been. There wasn’t much fire in Anthem of the Dead so it is just gloomy. But I also imagine that around the city and in the complexes in the map are lots of neon signs and colourful lights, like what the whole Cyberpunk theme offers usually. That is what I went for with the map, a gritty future with a Cyberpunk twist to it. I even made the zombies have pink eyes to fit this colourful theme, that and I just wanted pink eyed zombies in one map and this seemed to suit it.


The story starts off with the players spawning next to the dead body of Henry Arkham. What had happened is that he had acquired a record from La Source Noire and was playing it. This acted as a gateway for the characters to travel through. They were then trapped in a state where they were now alive and using the life of Henry to survive. But he was still alive and was now in the place that these characters were in so he could actually become in control of the zombies that had started appearing. Then he becomes the Phantom and haunts the map. He was inspired by the song in Die Rise and just fit in with the map.


The idea of the power of the map spanning from the Phantom was interesting to me as it meant players would want a boss to spawn for once and essentially had to struggle for a reward. This is something that I think zombies should do more, like having Brutus power the map instead of Afterlife. As well the Stereophonic Rifle was just an idea I came up with out of the blue, I liked getting the records in Origins but I thought that they could be used in a better way in the map.





After working on Anthem of the Dead, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for Fallout and instantly got to work. Straight away I had ideas that I incorporated into the map, along with notes I had already written to remind me of map features. This is where the hazards mechanic first spawned from. The constant threat of the bomb is something that I think really changes how people play, if they are stuck surviving and have not thought about reinitiating the time lock then that is their downfall. A lot of the things in Fallout are things that I would want to be in an actual zombies map. I would obviously want a lot of my ideas in zombie maps but this particular map had a lot to it that I think would make it a really enjoyable map. The inspiration came from nowhere but my own head as well which means a lot of the ideas come from what I really like in zombies.


The setting of a farm town was something I had wanted in zombies for a while and had trouble fitting it into ideas. Originally, I made the spawn area of Dystopia this farm but I would have rathered a map that revolved around it. But when I used something which was essentially the exact same farm, I was able to create a whole storyline idea, while having symbolism for the characters because they were returning to where they started and I had the ability to add the time capsule which is a big part of this post. What I like about each concept is that they each follow a different genre that derives from Steampunk. This particular map would be classed as Atompunk due to its setting and involvement of the bomb.


A lot of this map revolves around the group trying to defeat the ancient evil in the MPD. Samantha could not help them at this time because the map is set in the past (well technically it is still set in the future but for the same reasons Dynasty is in the past as well), where she was still evil and did not know these characters yet. Though the characters do not know how to exactly defeat the ancient evil, they do figure it out on their own and eventually take Umbra out of the edge of time. Then they even go as far as unlocking the time lock which keeps the bomb in stasis above the town, so that they can kill Umbra. As Samantha does not know them yet, she does not resurrect them. But as they managed to get her attention and when she eventually saw them again, she decided to help them to get to Fallout in the first place. I am not sure if these characters will return again because at the moment I have a lot of ideas which I cannot fit them in but they did set up the ability for a lot of my ideas to happen and I will revisit them one day, with an even more important task for them to achieve.


Many of the features in the map came directly from real life. For example, the Scarecrow came from me passing a farm while on a bus. I checked to see if there was a scarecrow there (as I always do for some reason) and then I got to work writing up an enemy based off of this idea. Also having the embodiment of Umbra appear was an idea that I thought of so that the characters could interact with the entity on a physical level. Lastly, the Juggernaut enemy was just a small idea I had that just seemed to fit the map.


A feature which I was not originally going to add was the Nightmare Machine IV or the Werewolf. I had utilised a vehicle in each of the Everlast maps that followed the story and after Dynasty I had planned to not ever have a vehicle in a map again. But, as this map was a way of me using features that I had not used to their full potential before, such as the Farm setting, I decided on actually using the tank from the Deus Ex mode from Call of Duty Online. The tank is not out of place in the map and though there has been a tank in a map before, I felt that this form of transport was different enough from it but was also something that would be very fun to use. It is also a useful form of transport to get to the time lock. The name of the tank came from the top of my head at first and I added the IV part as a reference to the tank in Origins. Also, I wanted a sub name to the tank and I asked what I should call it. I got the suggestion Big Bad Wolf and decided to go with it but instead I called it the Werewolf.



The Spark


Out of all the maps I have created for this series of ideas, the Spark really is my favourite. I loved Fallout and Dynasty a lot but this was really a fun map that I went all out on as well. Many of my new ideas that I had came up with were put into the map, along with a whole new chapter of the zombies story. The idea of the Spark originally started as Blitz Storm, which was the name of the quest in Fallout. This is because it directly follows that map. Then I came up with the idea of the first ever source of element 115 that was found on Earth by the Templars. This source was also the first one found by 935 as well.


Originally, I had a setting but I didn’t specifically not know what the map would be. I eventually decided on a map which is walled off from the rest of the world which the characters think is a utopia but in fact is not. This is a call back to Dystopia as well. Halfway through making the map, I began writing some stuff down for a future map concept and I came up with the idea that this whole area surrounding the Spark is just a docking station for a 115 Extraction Drill, where it can feed off of the Ununpentium. I was very happy with that story revelation as I think it is an interesting idea that expands on what that drill actually is.


I introduced a new group to this map and the idea for who they were came before what they were actually like. If you were not able to tell from the big hints I left, these are the descendants of the Everlast group. This map was passing on their mantle to their descendants. I have no idea if they are their kids or an even further relation but all I do know is that they are intended to be their descendants. If they were to be the children of the Everlast group, which I am swaying towards the idea of more, then that means their is a large chance that the Everlast group will survive in some form in the future as well. But they may have already had children who were safe in a “Safe Haven” which may be why they even began their journey. Maybe both answers are right. The Voice is a very fun character as well, he is based off of Phone Guy and serves the same purpose but he will definitely soon have a bigger role to play. I just hope that someone gives him a name soon so that I don’t have to name him, not that I do not want to but I think it is funner if someone else does. Also the idea that a couple of the players have robotic augmentation came before I even knew the game would be Black Ops 3 so thats just good guessing on my part.

The idea of the hazards was really fun in this map. I wanted this to be a map that would essentially be the Nuketown Zombies of the game but it was a big surprise that it had so many features in such as the hazards, weapons, enemies and just essentially a fun map. I put in lots of features in the map that I won’t go to in depth into because they are all just their for fun. The enemies I added in the map are also really fun to make. The main ones I liked were the King of Agartha and the God Machine. I came up with the God Machine when I came up with Magnus so they are from the same era of ideas and the God Machine will come back at some point. The King of Agartha is amazing to me, I can just imagine playing my first game of this map and seeing a figure in the distance and telling my friends about an easter egg that I have seen, then it gets closer until you fight it and it is a big feature of the map. I hope Treyarch can pull something off like that because I think it is a really good idea. I thought it was that good that when I was planning to cut it from the map and put it in this post, I decided it was too good to keep out of a map.





What I had planned from the start was a map set in Agartha, it would have the Origins characters and would seemingly follow Origins in their attempt to free Samantha but they would inevitably fail. The map was to be the biggest map in zombies history to date and would have a lot of content so that if people had to wait three years for the next game, they wouldn’t run out of things to do in zombies. I came up with so many ideas for the map and put them in the concept and I think it would really make each game a different experience when playing.


Hollow is at first a base which surrounds a cave, this cave leads to Agartha. The area of Agartha that the map is set in is a physical place. I do not see Agartha as a physical place all of the time but this is more of the kind of thing that the characters perceive the map to look as it does when in reality they cannot comprehend it. There are lots of realms to Agartha that I came up with as well that I want to explore, one of which was the Dreamscape which was just kind of a gateway. But there is the Memoryscape as well which comes from whoever is in control of the zombies memories, which kind of explains how the Vault of the Dead exists, that will be important soon and I think that Agartha works in the way that the Memoryscape does compared to all of the other stuff. Basically there is Agartha which has separate plains. You can be in Agartha and be in a physical place which is actually a lot different to what everyone sees it as. But as well there are constructs in Agartha that allow other things to exist. Very confusing stuff but I don’t think Agartha is ever going to just be a normal place.


The Origins group return in this map but essentially, throughout the play through and from the ending people would find out that it is actually a prequel where the characters go missing on the battlefield, then end up interacting with Maxis and Samantha from a year in their future. I think having the realisation that a map isn’t what people think it is could be interesting, especially with Origins because it means things like the blood vials can be explained easier.


I won’t go into too much detail about all of the new equipments and features but essentially I play a game called the Binding of Isaac. In it, you get items and no two games are the same. That is why there is a lot of equipment in the map. Zombies can get repetitive and having a map that is barely ever the same with each playthrough would definitely make the map a lot better because it has a lot of replayability.



Time Capsule


The Time Capsule was an obtained item in Fallout which was buried in the ground by the Everlast group and left by themselves to obtain in their past in Dystopia. In it are descriptions of the characters, map locations, weapons and various other items of interest. All of these things pertain to the Everlast story.





Alexus Valentine: Alexus was born late in the year 2048. She lived in an English farm town for most of her life. This town was smaller than the one located near Everlast Farms. Nothing was especially unique about her besides being a good leader and knowing her way around a weapon because of her mother working in the police force. Later in life, she worked at a bank in her hometown. Alexus left her job and began to travel around England. While in London, the undead began to rise and she had to fight her way through hordes of zombies. From here she managed to survive until she met the others in 2065. They survived together for four years and went to Gloomfield.


‘Magnus’: Magnus was born somewhere in the year 2042. As a child, his parents were killed so he was forced to live with his uncle. Unfortunately, when he was 18, his uncle was also murdered. His entire family were killed off one by one until he was left and he could never understand why. Following in family tradition, Magnus became a mercenary. He eradicated all traces of his family name so that he could not be trace by whoever had been killing his family members. Due to his skill and tenacity, his friends gave him the name Magnus. He instantly took a liking to this name. When waking up, after a long mission, Magnus opened his blinds and saw the people of Boston stumbling around. When he got outside, he discovered the zombies. From here he managed to survive until he met the others in 2065. They survived together for four years and went to Gloomfield.


Dexter ‘Dex’ Plugg: Dexter was born early in the year 2037. He was an only child who was a genius. His parents encouraged this and got a home education for him. Often he would take apart his toys and put them back together to build inventions. Later in his life, he had started working with his father in their garage, whilst still building inventions on the side. The garage became a career that Dexter pursued for many years until one morning he arrived there to find his zombified father trapped inside of a car. Dexter was able to stumble across a building which had some connection to Group 935. All that he could find was a map and the ramblings of a mad scientist. From here he managed to survive until he met the others in 2065. They survived together for four years and went to Gloomfield.


Sergei Petrov: Sergei was born somewhere in the year 2010. He is the youngest of eight brothers. There names were Nikolai, Dimitri, Alexei, Viktor, Boris, Levi, Yuri and Pyetr. He and his brothers trained in the military at an early age, following their father's footsteps. They were put in the same squad due to their similar skills. Eventually, after the war, they formed a special operations military group known as the “Doom Sharks” which they stayed in for many years. He acted as the weapons expert of the group. A mission that went wrong caused Sergei to be the only survivor of the group. But as his former enemies and brothers began to stand back up, he knew something was wrong. From here he managed to survive until he met the others in 2065. They survived together for four years and went to Gloomfield.





Gloomfield: Britain is full of towns, but some are more depressing than others. Gloomfield was a place for people to go who had nothing left. Nobody was ever happy there and just went there to wait for nothing to happen. It was originally planned to be a city where people would go with big dreams. But where the city would be situated meant that it would not have many visitors so Gloomfield was created. Even when the zombie apocalypse started, nobody was that bothered. The zombies themselves seem more lifeless than ever in Gloomfield.



Redemption: The Templar’s once owned many settlements. One in particular that Group 935 came across was named ‘Redemption’. Here they began to build the X-Dark Vessel without worrying about the undead, up until the Savages awoke and the zombies attacked. Nothing was special about this location, aside from being used by Templar’s as a temporary base.



Safe Haven: Multiple cities were planned to be created which would float above the planet. The ground was thought to be completely inhospitable. Due to time constraints, only one city could be created. This city was known as the Safe Haven and was split up into two segments. Anyone in the below area was doomed from the start. They were promised a sanctuary but inevitably became the basis for many insane scientists experiments. Unfortunately, the Safe haven was fueled by the thing which had caused the zombie apocalypse, element 115. This eventually led to the demise of everybody in the city and created one of the most dangerous places on the planet.



Undertown: When the revolution came, Tokyo had to sacrifice parts of itself so that the main part of Tokyo would survive. As a result, the Undertown was created. This was where the poorer people could live in while not affecting upper Tokyo. Buildings were gradually built on top of Undertown until it was submerged underground and finally became Undertown.



Revolution: Straight off of the back of the industrial revolution, a whole new look for Tokyo was devised. Powered by valve generators, the whole place would be the next step in advancements for the world. Train networks were created to connect every location of Tokyo. A project helmed by Ludvig Maxis would also yield a revolution in transportation. The entirety of Tokyo was fueled on a new element named Divinium.



Everlast Farms: Just a regular farm with a normal family running it. Everlast Farms met the unfortunate fate of having a bomb fall through time and be suspended above it. Eventually the town next to Everlast Farms would be demolished and a new town would be built near it known as Gloomfield.




Wunder Inventions:


X-Dark Vessel: Part of the XYZ Magna Vessel series. To escort people to the Safe Havens, many Vessels were planned to be created. But only a few could be completed and even then they barely did there jobs. This vessel was never fully completed until the Everlast group found it and used it to travel to the Safe Haven. They managed to break the navigation systems and travel to Tokyo, where the ship was destroyed and left in a crater to burn.



Z-Light Vessel: Part of the XYZ Magna Vessel series. At first, this vessel was designed to drop bombs on the undead. But when a bomb was dropped on a town and the bomb disappeared through time, it was shot down using the B.A.L. so that it would not endanger any other people. It is identical to the X-Dark Vessel but with wings, fins and white paint stripes on it.


Y-Spark Vessel: Part of the XYZ Magna Vessel series. The Y-Spark Vessel was the last of the ships. It was powered by pure Ununpentium and was planned to be used to help bring people to the Safe Haven in America that was never built. As a result it was never fully completed and was crashed into the sea so that it did not cause any damage to the surviving humans. It was almost identical to the other two ships, with the exception of having an element 115 core inside of it.


The Wunder Bullet: The Wunder Bullet is a train that was created to be the leading transportation in the revolution. Only one was ever made and was modified by Group 935 into being as Maxis called it the “Locomotive of the Future” that would surpass all other forms of transportation. Usually a human would pilot the Wunder Bullet but a replacement was needed in the apocalypse which was known as K.I.N.G. Unlike other vehicles, the Wunder Bullet created a field around itself which meant that it repelled element 115, even though that is what was used to power it. As a result, the train travels at high speeds due to it constantly fighting between the time displacement effects of 115. This meant that a journey which would take an hour for the people in the train, would only be a few seconds for people outside of the train. The version of Ludvig Maxis which created this vehicle is from another universe, like the version of Tokyo seen in Dynasty.



Nightmare Machine IV (The Werewolf): Plans stolen from Germany helped to create a new form of tank which could withstand heavy fire and wreak havoc. But due to being difficult to create, what was created of the tank was left in Britain and taken apart. It was left with the B.A.L. and other broken down inventions.




Wunder Weapons:


Draco Gauntlet: The Draco Gauntlet is Wunder weapon created at the height of the revolution.  It was based off of the old legends of Dragons by Ludvig Maxis. It would be used to protect Tokyo while it was revolutionizing.


B.A.L. (Blitz Artillery Launcher): To decimate large areas of land, the B.A.L. was created. After shooting it into certain areas and disposing of tanks, soldiers would then be killed by the toxic gas that the weapon released after impact. But as the weapon had set backs, the idea was abandoned. The prototype was left with a group of soldiers in case a time ever came that they were invaded.





Centurion: The Centurion was created in Medieval times to guard the Templar’s greatest secret and fight off the Savages. This automation was created by an inventor, even though he was not alive in that time and the technology used to power this machine did not exist. For many years, the Centurion guarded an artifact for the Templar’s until it was removed from its post and summoned to the Spark. Now that its original purpose has failed, the Centurion has a new purpose which is to kill all humans that still exist on the broken world.



The Sentinel: While on the edge of the apocalypse, an inventor was hired to create a legion of soldiers based on many of the old AI designs done before. But when he had finished them, they left the timeline that they had originally been in. A whole legion of Sentinels were now travelling through the Aether to the future in search of the Spark. The Ununpentium that they then came across would corrupt them and cause them to attack any remaining survivors.



The God Machine: A machine born from the past and kept in the dark. The God Machine is a being who was created with an AI mind. It became so powerful that it gained a level of sentience beyond that of any human. As a result it knows that humans are a threat and may want to dismantle it so it cannot reach its goals. The machine was dubbed ‘The God Machine’ as it had powers that surpassed anything on this plain and it could draw energy from the Aether.


The God Machine was created in an unknown timeframe. It was a project to see if sentient life could be created by man in the form of artificial intelligence. After responding to its creator, the God Machine had its brain immediately put into the multi-limbed body it inhabits today so that it could work to its fullest potential. But the machine began to learn and get clever to the point of being able to manipulate time for its survival. Eventually it became more powerful than any other life in the universe and was able to take on an omnipotent status. It hid itself away from humanity and even evaded the plague that infected the world until it saw a time where it felt that it needed to intervene in events.


King of Agartha: A machine of unknown origin, spawned from Agarthan folklore. If any child in Agartha lied, the King of Agartha would begin to find them. Every night, the King would get closer up until the final night where it would take the children away. The King was a real entity and was not just a tale to keep children in line. After falling through Agartha, the King sensed somebody lying in this realm. Now he hunts the liar down who is at the Spark.




Other Beings and Entities:


The Watchers: Umbra once attempted to control some humans so that they would do its bidding. After much corruption, these people became Umbra’s heralds and took on another form. They then waited for hundreds of years, watching humanity and recording their most important actions. When Umbra was finally destroyed, the beings dispersed into nothingness.


Savages: The Savages are the inspiration of what an Ogre is in many fairy tales. They were a species who came into existence in Medieval times and began to attack humans, not because they wanted to eat them. All they wanted was to kill humans. Thousands once existed but the Templar’s made short work of them. Eventually very few were left of the Savages, they hid away underground and would sometimes lure people to their death. When they saw that humanity was gone, these beings decided to emerge and destroy any traces of their enemies that were left.


The Abomination: Dwelling in the darkest parts of the Safe Haven is the Abomination. The Abomination who was a human that had his body fused with an endoskeleton by members of Group 935 who had lost their minds and saw that the only way for humans to survive was by “evolving” themselves. Out of all of their experiments, only one survived which killed its creators and released the undead which were planned to be used to do various tasks which humans did not want to do.


The Dragon: A green bolt of energy appeared in space many years ago. It fell down to the planet and was captured by the followers of Umbra. They created a body for the being and created a dragon. This dragon drew energy from eclipses and attacked Tokyo, scorching most of it.Eventually it killed the Samurai. Umbra also manipulated it to kill the Everlast group and destroy the X-Dark Vessel.



Samurai: Many years ago a Samurai existed which was undefeated by any enemy. An old man challenged him to a fight in which the Samurai could use whichever weapons he wished and the old man would not use any weapons. Foolishly, the Samurai agreed. In the fight, the Samurai tried to strike down the old man but could not attack him within a certain radius. After many hours, the Samurai accepted defeat. A dragon attacked Tokyo that night and killed him. Now his soul haunts Tokyo as it tries to redeem itself by killing any possible challengers, to make up for not defeating the old man.



The Scarecrow: On the Farms, many crows would attack the crops. An endoskeleton was found  on a hill and used as a Scarecrow which would roam the farm. Unbeknownst to the farmer, Umbra had created this endoskeleton as a possible vessel for itself. A fragment of element 115 had crashed through space and landed in the farm. The Scarecrow found this and bonded itself with it as a fuel source, giving it great power.



Umbra: At first, Umbra was a being which was sent to cause a universe wide apocalypse. It was created in Agartha and after seeing all of time, it chose the form of a humanoid rabbit which was in reference to the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. In this form, the being saw itself as Silhouetta. But to escape Agartha, it had to travel through a portal which led to the Dreamscape. It would then appear in the nightmare of a child and take over that body. When Silhouetta finally escaped Agartha, it had came into existence with Samantha. it possessed her teddy bear and told her to do mischievous things to cause some chaos. When Samantha finally entered the MPD, Umbra returned to it. Due to having a connect to the teddy bear, it was bonded to that. Somebody who knew of Umbra, trapped the teddy bear inside of a body which acted as a prison, similar to Nightspire. After this, Umbra managed to contact the Everlast group and try to manipulate them to escape. A bomb was dropped on umbra in its weakest form, causing it to finally die.




Archive of the Dead


Finally is the museum, a bonus for people who have completed: Dystopian Meteor Shower, Resurrection Complex, La Source Noire, Blitz Storm, The Spark of Life and Hollow Earth. The museum is an unlockable part of the menu which will load up a lot of content. As a result the loading time will take longer than usual but it will show every comic book up and loading screen. When loading in, no matter how many people you are with, all players will spawn in the lobby of a museum. From here you can walk around and explore some zombies memorabilia from World at War to Black Ops 2. If you have played Modern Warfare 2, this is very reminiscent of the museum in that and is based off of such. The players are the original group, as seen in Kino der Toten. Their appearance has been updated to fit a better standard to next generation consoles. All save mechanics seen in previous maps appear in this map as it is like a map of its own. Also this map holds some storyline relevance as it takes place in a part of Agartha called the memoryscape which will be explained at a later date. Each character in a scene will move around and make quotes that they have in previous maps as well.



Room 1: World at War:


Nacht der Untoten: This scene takes place in the main spawn of the bunker and depicts the anonymous four marines standing back to back. Around them are many zombies which are ready to attack them at any time.



Verrückt: This scene shows the room in which the Thompson could be obtained and yet again shows the marines fighting the undead. One of the marines sits in a corner aiming a browning at a group of zombies while another is being attacked on the floor by some zombies. Two survivors remain who are fending off the undead in whatever way possible.


Shi No Numa: In this scene, the original group are fighting together side by side against the undead. Richtofen holds the Wunderwaffe and has zapped a large group of zombies. Tank Dempsey is fighting off a Hellhound while the other two are fighting normal zombies. Behind the group is Peter McCain, who slowly moves while hanging.


Der Riese: Standing in front of the mainframe of Der Riese are the original group. Each of them are holding weapons and are fighting the zombies who are climbing up to them. In the background, the Fly Trap has been activated and glowing drops can be seen in the sky.


In this room is the original mystery box which can be used to obtain all weapons that were in World at War’s box. On the walls are all of the wall weapons as well. There is also the original perk machines and the sniper’s cabinet. Also scattered around the area are pedestals with drops on them. Traps such as the electric traps or the Flogger can be activated as well. At the back of this room is a teleporter which brings players back to the spawn and shows all images which were previously seen when travelling through it. The Pack-a-Punch in the mainframe can be accessed when pressing the red button and can be used to upgrade all weapons in the museum.



Room 2: Black Ops:


Kino der Toten: On the stage of Kino der Toten, the original group face off against the zombies. Hellhounds and Nova Crawlers surround the stage as well. Dempsey aims and M16 into the crowd. Nikolai, while drinking a bottle of Vodka with a rag of fire in it, throws his pistol into the crowd. Takeo shoots a crossbow into the crowds of Zombies. Richtofen aims the Thundergun, ready to attack.


“FIVE”: Unlike the other scenes, this scene resembles the loading screen from the map. The characters are in the spawn room and have various zombies ready to climb through windows to attack them.



Ascension: Within this scene, the characters stand together with all Wunder weapons on the main lunar lander. Below them are zombies who are trying to attack them. Along with them are monkeys as well which are climbing on the walls. In the background, the rocket can be seen which is beginning to ascend into space.



Call of the Dead: The scene will show the group standing together in front of the lighthouse. George Romero can be seen at the top of the lighthouse, looking down at the group. All around the characters are zombies which are climbing up the building too them.



Shangri La: Within this scene, the four characters are standing back to back next to the stairs that lead up to the Pack-a-Punch machine. On the right of them are regular zombies and a group of monkeys. At the left of the characters are the Napalm zombie and the Shrieker zombie. As well there is a zombie that has been shrunken which is running alongside them.



Moon: The last part of this area is Moon. The characters are standing around the MPD, with Nikolai floating while drinking vodka and Dempsey shooting a minigun upside down. Behind the group is Samantha who is floating out of the MPD. Richtofen looks up at her, touching the MPD, while Takeo looks towards him in the middle of killing a zombie.


In this room is the original mystery box which can be used to obtain all weapons that were in Black Ops’ box. On the walls are all of the wall weapons as well. There is also the new perk machines. Also scattered around the area are pedestals with drops on them. Traps such as the turret, electric trap and bounce pads. In the back of this area is an arcade machine which can have 25 points put in to initiate Dead Ops Arcade. Only one player will be brought into the game lobby while others can join by also depositing money.



Room 3: Black Ops 2:


Tranzit: As the bus drives through the depot, Marlton and Misty are fighting the undead in front of it while Russman stands on top of the bus, pushing a zombie off of the roof at the same time as shooting the War Machine. Samuel stands near the bench, clutching his head with one hand and a piece of flesh with another. Behind the group is the Avogadro who is beginning to attack.


Nuketown: This scene is set in the back of the house with the bunker. The mushroom cloud and clock can be clearly seen in the background. Two CIA Agents are surviving on the left side and are looking at two CDC zombies while two CDC characters are defending themselves in front of the bunker.


Die Rise: In this scene, Samuel and Marlton are fighting zombies on the roof of Die Rise. Marlton is using the Sliquifier and has made a group of zombies slip over. Russman is setting up a Trample Steam to get to the next building while Misty covers him next to the dragon.


Mob of the Dead: As pictured below, the characters stand together on the docks of Alcatraz. Up above them is Brutus who is ready to jump down to them and next to them is a dog, eating a zombie. In the sky, the plane can be seen and it is on fire.



Buried: At the front of the house, the group are surviving against the undead. Samuel is handing the Big Guy a bottle of Booze while Russman is handing him Candy. The other two are fending off of the undead. Behind them is the ghost, peering down at the group and floating ominously. A time bomb can also be seen on the floor.


Origins: In the mayhem, the characters are fighting the undead who are climbing over the trenches to them. This is very similar to what is pictured below. Also in the sky is also the Maxis Drone which is preparing to fly.



In this room is the Origins mystery box which can be used to obtain all weapons that were in Black Ops 2’s box. On the walls are all of the wall weapons as well. There is also the new perk machines. Also scattered around the area are pedestals with drops on them. Around the area are also buildables which can be obtained.





Within their respective rooms are also stairs which lead to a basement like area. In it are glass containers which hold all types of zombies. They will cycle through the movements that they can do in map such as running and attacking. Once they have finished their actions, they will die in all ways that they can. This will lead them to respawn by climbing out of the floor. Boss zombies will do the same but will have bigger containers and will be able to spawn in unique ways like in  game.



Onslaught of the Dead:


After looking around, players can easily leave the museum by having the host end the game. But there is a big red button on a pedestal in the spawn of the map. This button does exactly what players would think it would. The museum will now become a map, with all different types of zombies attacking the original group. All of the things needed for players to survive is also available for them, found in each different room. Not only are the old map locations shown, they are now accessible. Players will be able to enter iconic locations from all previous zombie maps and survive wherever they wish as these exhibits allow players to enter them. The characters and objects shown in the scenes are also now gone so that players can have more space to survive. The only difference with these segments of the maps is that only the rooms shown are accessible and there is a large door leading back to the museum in the sky. This door cannot be entered without players walking through a door which would previously have been a door for another map. At random times, one of two of the original bosses in maps will also spawn to attack players, with the exception of George Romero who has disappeared with the other characters.



Cut Content Corner


Sharkbite: When using this weapon, players will be able to shoot a large blue beam of energy at zombies and will destroy many zombies. These beams of energy shoot until the Sharkbite needs to replace ammunition. The weapon has infinite range but is stopped by walls. Due to its beam being large, it can kill up to three zombies standing in a line next to each other. The Sharkbite resembles a blue shark gun which has a mouth at the front of it which will open when shot. This can be used for melee purposes as well. When meleeing with this weapon, the mouth will open and chomp at zombies. Usually zombies will die from this but there is a chance that a random limb will just fall off, meaning it is possible to make crawlers with this weapon.


When upgraded the Sharkbite becomes Doomjaw. It now has three modes which can be switched between which are each titled different things. In regular Doomjaw mode, it will work like an enhanced version of the original Sharkbite but will now shoot a red beam that can kill up to four zombies in a row and still has infinite range that is stopped by walls. The next mode is Hammerhead, this switches out the head of the weapon with a hammer shape. The weapon will then become a metal hammer which can be used to both shoot zombies with a small wave of blue energy and also when meleeing, large groups of zombies will instantly die. The last mode is known as Sawshark, this switches out the head of the weapon to a thin chainsaw. This weapon works much like the Sabertooth in its melee abilities.



This weapon was cut from Hollow, even though it was originally intended to be the main Wunder Weapon. But with the overcrowding of special weapons, I thought this weapon fit the least so could take a back seat. It has no place in any other projects that I have planned at the moment but I will use it in the future.



Map Concept Template


Due to me using the same layout for each map I often copied the layout for Dystopia and used it on other maps with lots of tweaks due to it having incorrect information to the other maps. By the time I was starting to put The Spark together I decided to make my template and put it here. In it will be the main cast of weapons that I used in all maps without removing them as well. Basically this made things a lot easier and though you may think it is less work, it is not. I still have to edit stuff and all this does is just mean there is not as many errors in it.



Map Name




Time taken to create: ? to ?


Note: (?)



Loading Screens:









Map Layout and Mechanics:









Features to make the “Mode” work:


Due to the size of the maps it takes longer for them to load. Not by too much but only a minute or two more. While loading in the cutscene that you would see in solo will begin playing. You can either watch it or skip it by pressing a button. Upon skipping the comic book will just be shown with a bar to show the loading progress.


Now Public matches and Custom matches are changed a lot. Custom matches, where you load in with four friends, count towards the leaderboards. This is essentially the best way to play when you are aiming to do all of the new things in it and will come into play later. Public matches, still count towards leaderboards, but now there is a way to “find a new lobby” by just selecting that option. Sometimes the map will be hard to play with public match players if they refuse to help. That is a problem that cannot be rectified as you have to do quests to progress meaning that if they can't cooperate then you are out of luck. But if they do and can talk to you it may be much more enjoyable.


The key feature that makes playing this possible for regular players is the save function. It works in a number of ways. The host in a public match or custom match can go into the pause menu and press “Save and resume later”. Upon pressing this they will be given a prompt to say that they are choosing this. Once they do this, the game will pause for all players and they will be given a screen that says “Do you want to save and resume later?” If you say yes then it will ask “Are you sure?” If you say yes again all players will be put in the lobby, but there game will be saved. Much like saving a campaign level, it saves your stats, weapons and so on. If you are wondering whether it can be a way to ruin games when people don’t want to play and want to annoy people, it cannot really happen. If the save or resume is rejected, the host will not be able to initiate it for another ten minutes. I know there could be arguments in public match if you don't find people who want to play how you do, but that is why you can find a new lobby. This function needs to be in the game to make the expansion possible to keep playing in different sittings, rather than in one go. Longer games like these may mean higher rounds where things still can get boring, but there are challenges in the map that essentially give an incentive to keep playing.


Also, players can leave a custom match and then rejoin with all of their weapons and such that they left with. This can be good for one only one person needs to leave and then return shortly due to real life tasks. Another note is that in Solo, pressing pause means the game is paused. The idea to all of these things is to make it so that one match can last over a span of time as you won't be able to complete the map over a small amount of hours.





Character 1: ?


Character 2: ?


Character 3: ?


Character 4: ?





Zombies: ?



Perks and Utilities:


Quick Revive (1500 Points)


Juggernog (2500 Points)


Double Tap (2000 Points)


Speed Cola (3000 Points)


PHD Flopper (2000 Points)


Stamin Up (2000 Points)


Deadshot Daiquiri (1500 Points)


Mule Kick (4000 Points)


Tombstone Soda (2000 Points)


Electric Cherry (2000 Points)


Amm-O-Matic Machine: It is a dark blue machine with golden When buying this for 2000 points you will gain the ability of replenishing ammo, it will replenish over a certain amount of time, depending on how much ammo has been lost. It is reminiscent of the Stamin Up machine with a larger base.= 2000 Points


Pack-a-Punch: Weapons can now be double Pack-a-Punched to make them significantly stronger. But they cannot be upgraded to change attachments.= 5000 Points/ 10000 Points


Weapons Locker







Zombie Shield: Built from the ?, ? and ?.



Inventory System:







In ? there are different forms of challenges, similar to what was seen in MotD and Origins. Since challenges are optional in ? and are by no means forced on the player, they aren’t automatically activated. There will be a stone tablet that spawns when doing the first challenge which has a set of five symbols on. They will light up when the challenge is done and can be hovered over to choose the reward. There are three columns of these two symbols, each for the other chapters. All rewards can be obtained on any chapter.


1.) ?


2.) ?


3.) ?


4.) ?


5.) ?


6.) ?


7.) ?





The weapons in this map are taken from many different Call of Duty’s with the edition of a couple of weapons that are new and are either based off of a game or not based off of a game. If they are based off of a game there will be two stars to signify it, if not there will be one star. Also weapons based off of a game will have the games name next to them.


Spawn Weapons:


Spawn Pistol- Upgraded



Wall Weapons:


MK14- Mnesia Kinetic= 500 Points


Ballista- Infused Arbalest= 500 Points


Remington 870 MCS- Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer= 900 Points


Five Seven- Ultra= 900 Points


R11 Carbine- Relic Corrupter= 1500 Points** Based on the Titanfall R101C-Carbine


Model 1887- Nightmare Voyager= 1500 Points


Saiga 12- Synthetic Dozen= 1200 Points


Stakeout- Raid= 1200 Points


AK12- Angelic Killer 1200= 2000 Points


PDW-57- Predictive Death Wish 57000= 1000 Points


M1927- Speakeasy= 1500 Points



Box Weapons:


Bizon- The Byzantium


Tac 12- Tactical Advancement Cell 1200


Tac 19- Soundwave Pulse Cell 1900


KSG- Mist Maker


Spas 12- Saga Jett


Model 1887- Nightmare Voyager


Flintlock Pistol- The Steampunk


Double Barrelled Pistol- The Dieselpunk


M1 Irons- The Cyberpunk


AE4- The Widow Maker


Maverick- Loose Cannon


The Ranger- The Punisher


EV8 Shotgun- Escalator 8000** Based on the Titanfall Eva-8 Shotgun


Show Stopper- Full House** Based on the Titanfall Smart Pistol


Desert Eagle- Battle Falcon


MTS-255- The Midas Touch


AK47- Reznov's Revenge


Commando- Predator


Famas- G16 GL35


The Ripper- The Shredder


MTAR X- Martyr Z


M60- D00M


SCAR-H- Agarthan Reaper


XMG- XL Dual Shredders


Overcharge LMG- Powerhouse** Based on the Titanfall Spitfire LMG


M27 IAR- Majestic 2700 KSY


EM1- Electro Magnified 115



Wunder Weapons:


Ray Gun- Porter’s X2 Ray Gun


Ray Gun Mark II- Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun



Easter Eggs:


? Quest:


Step 1.)


Step 2.)


Step 3.)


Step 4.)


Step 5.)


Step 6.)


Step 7.)


Step 8.)


Step 9.)


Step 10.)


Step 11.)


Step 12.)



Achievements (250G in total):


? 5G: In ?, ?


? 5G: In ?, ?


? 5G: In ?, ?


? 10G: In ?, ?


? 10G: In ?, ?


? 10G: In ?, ?


? 15G: In ?, ?


? 15G: In ?, ?


? 75G: In ?, ?

? 100G: In ?, ?

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Essentially if you didn't read the post, it just shows that I get bored a lot :P. This post was actually 32 pages long. Altogether I created 6 maps and this post over the course of 6 months and 3 days. There was also 172 pages of this stuff. I guarantee I will end up with less than that with my other map series that I am starting.

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