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These might be stupid questions...

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So I was playing zombies today. I don't remember EXACTLY the quote, but Dempsey said something like "Why don't you go crawl in a corner and gnaw on your legs!".

And so that made me think about these questions for some weird reason I never thought of.

Why don't the zombies just eat themselves?

Why don't the zombies just eat each other?

What happens when all the humans are eaten? They just all die right, from starvation?

I know they are stupid questions. :?

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My reason for why the zombies don't eat other Zombies is because the blood isn't as pure, if that makes sense. Other than that, it's just for gameplay purposes. As for when all the humans are eaten, I think that the zombies will then begin to eat each other to stay alive and then eventually all die because there are no more zombies left.

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Guest RustyBullet7

I think it's mainly because a zombie is a walking virus. Their sole reason is to contaminate as many other organisms before they die, therfore multiplying

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