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Maxis Is Evil!

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who feels a little surprised with the easter egg "mined games" in Buried? Completing either richrofen or maxis' side, both reveal shockers! and more suspense for the final DLC! On maxis' side, he says "regretfully, i must inform you that the earth, nor its people will survive" and "FINALLY, I CAN BE REUINITED WITH MY DAUGHTER SAMANTHA THEN I WILL OPEN THE GATES OF ARGARTHA" after this, the zombies eyes turn orange as maxis is in control and after all the help we gave him, he turned out to be evil and manages to put richotfens soul into a zombie!

Richtofens side however, Maxis gets overpowered by richtofen and manages to go into samuels body leaving his eyes blue and damaging samantha's soul!

Im so keen to hear your thoughts on the new characters maybe coming back? what the nav cards might do? is it a route plan? What happened to the characters on earth during round infinity as they are dead! ARE THEY? POST AND LET ME KNOW IM SO KEEN TO GET A CONVO GOING!

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