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New Zombie Map Ideas Doomsday

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Treyarch i have a couple of suggestions for the next installment of Nazi Zombies i really hope you'll consider, ok it should take place in 2012 on a huge space station orbiting earth, instead of dempsey, richtofin, BUFFY??? ect, there should be Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Ash from the evil dead movies, and President Bush, (have all their wives frozen in containment cells on the ship lol) the story is they were the few people left after zombies take over the world and they are sent up to this station which is already infested with zombies, and their mission it to find this red button that lasers the earth stopping the zombie apocalypse. (When they find pack a punch just before you get to it you hit the red button lazering the earth) Have the space station so big that you can see the other side but youll never get there, so everything would be on one small section of the station. Instead of moon landers have ejector pods where they can pay 250 to close the door and then they have 10-15 secs to choose to fly to 1 of 3 locations on the map before it randomly picks one. have lots of long halls and maybe vents connecting the floors and rooms in various ways. ok now I have two suggestions for some wicked new weaponry too, first of all -FrostFire- Upgraded M60 self explanitory freezes zombies, secondly, a black hole gun, single fire something like 10 shots per clip 100 rounds until upgraded then becomes 20 shots 200 rounds and fully automatic, shoots small black holes which rip perfect holes through zombies lol. Another thing the fire zombies should set other zombies on fire when they walk by and the zombies should burn longer and also be able to set other zombies on fire. Also there should be Ice Zombies which freeze zombies or you(zombies will thaw after a few secs) and explode when you shoot them freezing zombies around them. well Treyarch thats my idea you can take it or leave it I think thatd be the best Zombies game ever though. My compliments on Shangri-La and zombies in general. Oh and there should be sections of the station that are zero g, outside between rooms so you have all these zombies like swimming/clawing after you, and you can lock them out when you get to the other sides decompression chamber or whatever its called have the chambers so that when you run in it closes behind you and opens in front of you after a sec. letting you into zero g. anyways those are a few things bouncing around my head hope you guys like the ideas.

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