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  1. We also have a discord where we discuss the story a lot, feel free to join, link expires after one day so if it doesn't work, just ask for another: https://discord.gg/J7DxVkDH
  2. Oh yeah, there's a pretty big expansive story to it all, Cold Wars zombie story is a sequel of sorts to the Aether storyline which was shown in [email protected], Bo1, 2, 3, and 4. Like others have said, going through the Intel is the best way to get a grasp of the story up to this point on your own, but if you want a more concise recap of the Dark Aether story, I recommend watching this video: https://youtu.be/hbg4CawQV2w
  3. 1: I Am The Well. This match up is really difficult, two of the greatest songs in all of zombies, but in the end I've got to go with I Am The Well, I simply feel it's the most significant song in all of Aether. 2: Abracadavre 3: The One 4: Shockwave
  4. I haven't really settled into a style just yet, still learning, but here's a piece that I was working on, but isn't finished yet, I plan on coming back and finishing it some day.
  5. Thx man, I got some more stuff in the works that I think a lot of people in the lore side of the community will like, that should be coming out relatively soon.
  6. Thanks Anonymous! About the meat shower stuff, I actually know someone just up the road from me that owns a sample of the meat that fell that day, they have it preserved in a jar. I think you can even find pictures of it online. I've only recently gotten into Visual art such as painting, drawing, and photography and the sort, I haven't posted any in quite a while online but you can find some of my early stuff (that I've abandoned for the time being unfortunately) on my Twitter. Even more recently (within the last couple days even) I've started to into learning how to produce renders, that I plan on using as thumbnails for an upcoming series I'm working on for my youtube channel. As for history, I've been drawn towards the mid to late 1900's since I was super young, especially ww2 and the Cold War. I'm pretty sure my interest in that part of history stemmed from my Grandfather's secretive time in working in some branch of the U.S military. I never found out exactly what he did, but for whatever reason he spoke like 6 different languages and from like the mid 1950's to sometime in the 80's, he traveled all over the globe doing stuff for the military. It was this that got me super into learning about conspiracy theories, and U.S. history, especially stuff relating to WW2 or the CIA. So when Bo1 about to come out, I was instantly drawn towards Black Ops / Zombies lore.
  7. Don't know how I forgot to put this in but, I am a HUGE History fanatic, favorite period to learn about is the late 1900's, I attribute this greatly to why I got into the Black ops games in the first place.
  8. Just realized that after the almost full year that I've been on the forums and discord, I've never made an introduction, so I'll be doing that today. Hello, I'm PoppaQuad, or Quad, or just PQ, call me whatever you'd like. I'm 18 years old and was born and raised in Bath County Kentucky (if you want a good read, look up the Bath County meat shower, interesting event, infact part of this happened right on the property where I was raised.) I'm interested in the arts and am a absolutely obsessed with stories (ofc including the Aether/Dark Aether story). I have a few social medias you can find me on, which I use quite frequently such as: my youtube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCth2ijlmPLXnI4BJaT79smA And my two twitter accounts: @PoppaQuad and @CodLoreFacts I think that about does it for now, I'll see you people around on the forums/Discord!
  9. 1: Alone 2: I am the well 3: The Gift 4: A light from the Shore (+Vanishing) 5: 115 6: Archangel 7: Mystery 8: Shockwave
  10. 1: 115 2: Ace of Spades 3: Archangel 4: The One 5: Mystery 6: Dead again 7: Shockwave 8: Stormbound
  11. 1. Alone 2. We All Fall Down 3. I Am The Well, this song, really hoping it makes it to the final bracket, it's just superb. 4. Carrion, mainly for the same reason listed in Cal's list, but besides that, I really love the songs that are written from the perspective of a zombie. 5. The Gift, this pairing was just plain evil lol, I love both of these songs, but I'm going to have to go with the former here. 6. Dead Ended, again both are great but this song was the only thing that kept me going during those painful Gorod Krovi ee attempts. 7. Abracadavre. 8. A Light From The Shore, there's just no competition here, this made for a perfect close to the Aether story.
  12. 1: Alone, fairly easy choice, a very good example of why Kevin's a god at songwriting. 2: Remember Forever. 3: Abracadabra, god, I love this song, the instrumentals are perfection. 4: 115. 5: Beauty of Annihilation (TG). 6: Shockwave.
  13. @bill gina Try this one, Join the Call of Duty Zombies Discord Server! DISCORD.GG Check out the Call of Duty Zombies community on Discord - hang out with 480 other members and enjoy... The links expire after one day.
  14. Hello people, me again. Sometime earlier today I noticed that nobody (I think) has translated the newspaper on Cartel on Black Ops Cold War from Spanish to English for the community to see, so I set out to do it myself and be the first person to translate it. So without further ado, I'll leave the translation below. "JOSE LUIS MENENDEZ- THE HERO OF THE PEOPLE" "Managua- It is hard to imagine a time when the surname Menendez did not inspire the immediate recognition, respect, and affection of all Nicaraguans. However, less than fifteen years ago, Jose Luis Menendez was a working class man who, like many others, struggled to feed his children under the orders of an entrepreneur unable to see his full potential... But everything changed that dire Tuesday morning, when the earth trembled and put the city against the ropes. The great earthquake of '72 claimed the lives of too many compatriots and left the economy hanging by a thread. Jose Luis Menendez found himself out of work and with an uncertain future, but as he revealed in an exclusive interview for the Revolutionary Press, he saw the faces of his children, Raul and Josefina, and knew that it was the moment of truth: or he would continue to work as a gear in the machinery of another, playing under rules that only benefited the bosses... or he could stop being a pawn and take over his destiny. And so, during those turbulent, anarchic days that followed the earthquake, he decided to make his fortune by providing the U.S. imperialists with our most precious resource. I'd take their money and use it to get them on their knees. A lot of comments have been made about your business, and most of them unfair. In the north, there is talk of the "Menendez Cartel" with fear of hatred. They will never see him as us: a man who literally pulled himself from the rubble and lied to power precisely because he is a person they cannot control. Mr. Menendez explained that the first few days were the quickest, to get a person's attention is to point a gun in their face. He was just one of many local entrepreneurs trying to lift supply lines, get customers, and eliminate competition. Still, he had a talent for turning rivals into companions, and in less than three years he was already popularly known as "The Boss In The Jungle" or "Boss" to dry. When asked, the surviving partners described it as "hard, but fair". Homicide rates in those days suggest that "hard" was falling short, but he was, above all, a man you could do business with. In this way his commercial empire grew and became famous, a legend of Managua. Even if he has enough money to buy cars, a mansion, and private planes (not counting his personal army), Menendez hasn't forgotten where he came from. He never forgot his roots or his pride in our homeland and culture. He opened clinics in over 200 rural villages where there have never been hospitals, and his vocational training institutes have educated thousands of our poorest children, giving them the opportunity to work good careers in transport, exports, and safety. And as for the personal army, it maintains peace more efficiently than the Federal Police. In short, Mr. Menendez has done more for the Nicaraguan people than the Somoza in more than forty years of corrupt rule. During the interview, Menendez emphasized that he never intended for his personal accomplishments to stand in the way of others. As long as you don't try to compete in their particular market, The Boss wants you to succeed. This is his main message, and the reason he wanted to talk to Revolutionary Press. He wants everyone to understand that suits, cars, and the rest of his material goods do not make him one of those decadent capitalist parasites that pull the strings in Washington and London, those who imposed Somoza dynasty on us and would rather see us starve than thrive; No, Menendez is turning his fortune into a weapon to talk to the world oppressors in the only language they understand. And he's very good at it. They will have become perished by by the lack of quotes in the article, something unusual for a press interview. But Mr. Menendez asked us not to record it or quote him. The first thing is because he is a very cautious man (in fact, he barely uses phones); and the second thing, that their message, which is very well received by the Sandinist leaders, is that Nicaraguans must take care of each other and build a united future. Jose Luis Menendez is still a man of the people." On the newspaper there are two other stories but they are completely made up of Lorem Ipsum, however their headlines aren't. The first headline reads "LA LUCHA CONTINUA" which translates to "THE FIGHT CONTINUES". and the other headline reads "Comunicado Sandinista" which just translates to "Sandinista Communique" which relates to the "Sandinista National Liberation Front" which you can learn more about by clicking Here. I think that about sums up all I wanted to say. Thank you for reading.
  15. His voice is hard to make out. I'd almost say the Mystery Box voice and his don't even sound similar. But who else would it be besides Mayak or The First One. Thoughts anyone?
  16. Assuming it's the megaton then I'd say Mayak is most likely the specific megaton who's narrating. I don't think it's Orlov. The reason being that Mayak' full name is Megaton Overlord, implying that he's in control of all the other megatons. (Not in a hivemind sense but more of a he's the "General" who's in charge of the soldiers who are all the other megatons).
  17. There's not much to go off of at the moment. Personally I think the Either the megaton or the first one is the narrator and I think the first one is controlling the zombies
  18. From my understanding the first one is created whenever we resolve the duality in Tag. Monty and the Shadow man aren't destroyed but instead banished to the Dark Aether alongside everything else. Once in the Dark Aether they recombined into the first one. I may have butchered that explanation so I'd recommend asking Cal or Eric. I'm quite sure they're the ones that came up with the idea of the first one, so they'd probably have a better explanation. Now that you mention it. I think the polish myth stuff will probably stay in this map only. The only way it would make sense is if The first one is quite literally Chernobog, but after Eric's reply I like his idea of the Slavs only interpreting these beings as those gods instead of them literally being them. As far as the giant goes I really like Diez Bonkers idea that the giant is inspired by iqultha (I don't think I spelled that right) from lovecraft's mythos.
  19. Thank you. I hadn't considered the first option but it also makes a lot of sense considering like you said Treyarch have already done this in the past with interpretations of the the Vrill. I guess only time will tell which theory is correct.
  20. Firstly hello everyone, this is my first post here on the forums. Been reading posts created by others but never had anything I felt important enough to write about... until now that is! Do you ever feel creeped out while playing Die Maschine? Do you ever feel like you're being watched? I know I sure was whenever I played the map, but the place I felt the feeling the most wasn't in the depths of the Project Endstation bunker but instead I felt it the most in and around Nacht. I couldn't figure out why so I got to exploring and eventually found something that caught my eye. Dotted around inside and outside of Nacht you can find four eyeballs in the form of graffiti. There are two different pairs of eyes that you find. one pair is purple, and the other pair is green. I quickly noticed that around the green eyes there are purple tentacles surrounding them. At first the tentacles reminded me of Apothicans then I realized that theres a heavy purple color theme in the Dark Aether (Anomalies, the jellyfish). It's almost as if the green eyes are peering from the Dark Aether into the land of the living. Soon after I also noticed that the demon graffiti in spawn also has green eyes... the same demon graffiti theorized to be a sketch of "The First One". It's alluded to that someone is watching through the use of the white graffiti in the lower levels of Nacht. One of these white texts say "I can feel him watching". I propose that the green eyes represent "The First One". I'll get into who I think the purple eyes represent but first lets learn more about "The First One". On the plane wing next to the green eyeball is some red text (now that I mention it all the eyes have red text nearby but this is the only one I've been able to read) The text states "CZARNOBOG'S WRATH IS COMING" interested by this I looked the name up and found some VERY interesting. I couldn't find anything on the exact spelling of the word but I instead found Czernobog the Slavic Black God. He goes by many names and it seems the most notable name is Chernobog. Chernobog is the god of bad fate in Slavic religion, he is the equivalent of Satan. Interestingly I have found mentions of a cult of Chernobog very similar to the "cult" or army the "The First One" is gathering in the Dark Aether. Sadly I haven't found much info about the cult other then that one exists. I propose that "The First One" is Chernobog or Czarnobog as the devs are refering to him as. This next section may change how we view "The First One" as we initially thought that he was the only being of ultimate power in the Cold War Zombies universe. However while reading about Chernobog I also found his counterpart known as Belebog or in other words "The White God". There's a clear duality here and we all know how the cod zombies story LOVES its dualities. Belebog is the Slavic interpretation of God himself. I think that the purple pair of eyes that we see is Belebog. This changes everything as now we see that they're two beings of ultimate power in the universe instead of the one we know of. In one of the Dark Aether intels a man states that perhaps people have been to the Dark Aether and escaped and that the Dark Aether could be where the idea of hell came from in the first place. I propose that since Agartha is no more and the Dark Aether may very well be hell. Theres a possibility of another dimension where much like how the first one rules over the dark aether, Belebog could rule over it... in other words there may be a heaven. for now I think I have said all I want to say, if I have forgotten anything I'll update this post. if you like to know more about the people that worshipped these gods click here: Polabian Slavs. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  21. Yes, it's very exciting to me that zombies will be Cross gen/play. I've met so many great people on this forum/discord and it's really cool to at least have the option to play with people here across all platforms and generations of platform.
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