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  1. More Radio thoughts: Just realized that this is part of the introduction to Dante's Inferno.... Monty really likes his literature, I can tell you that much. Basically, whats happening here, at least in Dante's Inferno, is that Dante realizes that he has strayed from the path (morally) and he tries to set things right by climbing a mountain, but is then turned away by three beasts. This leads to him having to go through hell with his companion Virgil in order to set him back on the right path. This feels very SoE in terms of the whole morally corrupt character theme. Also, quite interesting that it is Monty speaking the quote, given that Dante is saying this about himself.
  2. I thought I'd interject here with some information on what this radio is actually saying (or what it may potentially be saying). This is actually text from a play by Shakespeare called the Tempest and is a section of a very famous speech (in Act 4 Scene 1) by a character in the play, Prospero. This speech was written and spoken at the end of the play, as everything is wrapping up, so it makes sense that Monty is mentioning it in this map, as our beloved characters are wrapping up their zombies story. This also occurs as Prospero is about to fight against a plot against his life by three other characters in the play. So, in a sense, Monty here is also preparing for the final battle against the Apothicons. In another sense, Blundell/Treyarch might also be talking to us here, because the Tempest was one of Shakespeare's last plays, at the very end of his theatrical career. In some sense, this map is the end of the zombies theatrical career, with each map being a separate play (I'm not implying that Treyarch are going to stop zombies all together, just that this story is at a close). The only other thing that I'd like to add, and it occurred to me while considering the context of the original quote, is that what if the entire zombies storyline is an orchestrated act? As in, all of the events of the zombies universe were orchestrated, and our characters were actors, or pawns even, to giant scheme that was laid out from the beginning. Just some thoughts though, take them as you will. tl;dr This quote comes fro the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare
  3. So, I was taking a look at the Arcade Ticket Cipher last night, and I found something intriguing when I made a brief stab at decoding it. Since the message only contains numbers 1-5, I thought it would make sense to put it through a polybius square. Before I did that I arranged the numbers into rows based on how they looked on the actual ticket in the image. Here are the rows: (Note that I believe a few of the numbers from the above transcript are incorrect after looking at the actual image) 1) 142111225311221121212253141153212221221422145322141121142222111153212214221453212121215311 2) 212222215322221421111111111453222111212153222211111121111421222153145321112253111421211111 3) 212211212111222253211414112111531153211421221122212121221453532153141122222214222221112122 4) 111122211121221114111114222121531111145311531453141453221121142222222253532121212121212211 5) 532214145314531411112211142222225322211121212211535314532122212222531422532222212121531421 6) 111111221122145321222111222211211153141121225314111114142222225311532211142221111122222122 7) 212111115314532122221114141421212211141111112114212114211414112114532211142222222222211121 8) 221122111153532122222122145314 Then, I put that through an unmixed polybius square, and got a very interesting result: 1) DFAGXAGAFFGXDAXFGFGDGDXGDAFDGGAAXFGDGDXFFFFXA 2) FGGFXGGDFAAAADXGFAFFXGGAAAFADFGFXDXFAGXADFFAA 3) FGAFFAGGXFDDAFAXAXFDFGAGFFFGDXXFXDAGGGDGGFAFG 4) AAGFAFGADAADGFFXAADXAXDXDDXGAFDGGGGXXFFFFFFGA 5) XGDDXDXDAAGADGGGXGFAFFGAXXDXFGFGGXDGXGGFFFXDF 6) AAAGAGDXFGFAGGAFAXDAFGXDAADDGGGXAXGADGFAAGGFG 7) FFAAXDXFGGADDDFFGADAAAFDFFDFDDAFDXGADGGGGGFAF 8) GAGAAXXFGGFGDXD All of the letters are A,D,F,G, or X, which makes me believe that the cipher was first encrypted via an ADFGX cipher and then further encrypted using an unmixed polybius square with numbers. Honestly, this is just a theory since I have been unable to figure out where to go from here (not to mention the frustrating memories of trying to figure out the ADFGX cipher from MotD). Also, I should mention that the placement of the 8th row in terms of which columns those letters are in is ambiguous, and I just put it there because it sortof made sense to me. Let me know what you all think :) P.S. Sorry in advance if this has been mentioned before btw

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