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  1. You CAN do the EE on solo, but NOT on easy. That's your problem.

    The only tricky step on solo is breaking the seal, but it is possible by waiting for the ejection countdown, pressing the red button on 1 and throwing the G strike onto the seal directly after falling from the middle robot.

    It is tricky, but possible.

    The reason you can't do the EE is you are on easy.


    Also keep in mind when you're ejected from the robot, if you do not move your analog sticks while you are falling, you will ALWAYS turn to the right to go toward the seal. This is for either of Odin's footprints next to Generator 5. That step was tricky to me because your screen is a little disoriented after you crash into the ground, and if you waste any time running toward the seal, the robots may disappear from the map. The rockets will still hit the seal, but it won't break. That step caused me much frustration.

    For what it's worth, it is MUCH easier to make it to the seal from the footprint to the right of the Stamin-Up machine where you fill the soul chest for the One Inch Punch.

  2. I dislike TranZit because it was such a major letdown after all of the hype for Black Ops II. The gameplay isn't bad, but the map design is so half-assed it's not even funny. I can't believe that's the map they came up with after over a year in development on BO2. 


    Another big part of it is the new characters. Both the characterization and the voice actors were awful choices. I wouldn't have minded new characters as long as they were interesting. Instead, Treyarch whiffed hard with the story behind TranZit and thus never really gave their new characters a chance at being positively received by the fans. 


    I stayed away from Zombies news leading up to the release of BO2 so I wouldn't be spoiled and I was legitimately depressed when I put the disc in and played TranZit for the first time. It's like Treyarch took my glass ball of hopes and dropped it from the top of a skyscraper.

  3. It was previous 40 Solo with 1 down that ended the game. I had completed everything except pressing square in the beam of light to end the game and was getting greedy for high rounds. 


    BUT today I finally completed the "Russian Drinking Game" challenge (too bad there's no trophy for it) which is completing the easter egg and gathering all 9 perks as Nikolai. Ended the game in Round 43 with 0 downs. Could have kept going but didn't want to chance it considering the Round 40/1 Down game previously mentioned.

  4. I know there has been a few months since the last reply on this topic but I think I will weigh in. I started a new PSN (Target_Akawhired) to see how quickly I could earn shotguns playing only Solo and 4-player co-op. I started out with a solo match of Die Rise, reaching about Round 32 with 1400-ish kills, 1 down. I deliberately shot the Jumping Jacks each time they came to avoid obtaining Quick Revive or Who's Who as they both give you two downs for the price of one depending on the round you go down in. I don't think I have ever successfully revived myself with WW in solo. 


    Following that, I spent a few days playing Origins in 4-player co-op. I was playing with public match randoms, so I shopped for teammates until I found three players with headsets who sounded like they were very experienced at the map. This worked out well as I played multiple games over the next few days with 1500-2500 kills and between 0-2 downs. I did have like four or five bad solo games where I took a random early down (below Round 10), and some "average" co-op games where I took more downs than usual. My main emphasis during this early part was K/D. My secondary focus was making sure I revived teammates a lot. My revives was more than double my downs for the entire time I was working toward shotguns.


    After about 8 days, I had a K/D of 392 (13,340K/34D). One of my friends was in a custom game on Die Rise, so I joined in. Due to joining in late and not spawning near the bank, I took 3 quick downs fighting with wall weapons, and a 4th a few minutes later. Every one else died at that point. I had 75 kills and 4 downs. Game ended, we get back to lobby, and I have shotguns. 


    I took my foot off the gas once I earned shotguns and my stats have come down somewhat. I went back to playing mostly solo, and have been attempting to complete the Origins easter egg in solo mode once with each character. I completed everything but the final step (releasing Maxis, ending game) as Richtofen but got greedy for rounds and kept playing. I died in the crazy place in Round 40. A half-day later, I ended the game as Dempsey and the length of the video was 115 minutes (proud of that one!). Since then, I have been attempting to complete what I call the "Drunk Russian Challenge"...which is obtaining all 9 perks AND completing the solo easter egg with Nikolai. To date, I've not been able to complete it but have gathered all of the perks once. It's difficult and tries your patience. What's this have to do with zombie rank? Well, needing to play as Nikolai, I have quit out of MANY solo Origins games when I don't spawn into Round 1 as him. Quitting de-ranked me back to the knife and I had to play for high rounds to get the shotties back, which I thankfully did. Now I just roll with whatever character I get in solo because the quits torpedo your rank more than anything I think. 


    It's either that quits are REALLY bad, or those quits are logging each time as a game that only went to Round 1 into my average round/match. Based on all of my observations over the past few weeks working with this ranking system, I would say the order of importance is as follows:


    1. Kill/Down Ratio

    2. Average Round Reached

    3. Not Quitting

    4. Reviving Teammates

    5. Everything Else


  5. I love almost every single map Treyarch has thrown our way since 2008. With the exception of one...TranZit. And by extension, each of the Green Run survival maps. I don't think this map is terrible by any means, it's just not as fun to play as everything else. Also, what primarily brings this map down is that after everything in World at War and Black Ops left us on the Moon...Treyarch's follow-up to that was this poorly-inspired map that is undoubtedly the result of a bunch of Zombie devs going back to work on Monday after spending their weekend watching a The Walking Dead marathon. Farm? Town? Power Station? Diner? Bus Depot and highway tunnel? Big. Time. Yawn. 


    I mean, I can sort of understand wanting to make a map that wasn't heavy on the sci-fi influences and is in what most would consider traditional survival-horror environments, but given everything in BO1 and how hyped up everyone was for Black Ops II as a whole (not just Zombies)...it was such a kick in the nuts from Treyarch. I spent two years eagerly awaiting the next map and they scrapped our characters and gave us freaking TranZit. The map isn't that bad, it's just not what anyone wanted. That's why everyone hates TranZit in my opinion, and I'm right there with 'em.


    Aside from that, I'd say I play Nuketown and Shangri-La the least. Nuketown because it's basically a one-shot and doesn't have much story or an easter egg. Shangri-La because no one ever wants to play it. It's funny because the map that a lot of people really hate, "Five", is in my top 3.

  6.  The dislike toward Moon is something I have never fully understood. The Bio Dome and box area by the upper laboratories is a great place for group training, as long as one guy can handle the zero-g outside. If you never buy the door leading from Tunnel 11 to the power room, holding up in that last room after Stamin-Up and the Semtex is almost a Der Riese-level camping spot. My best zombies partner on PS3, whom I sadly probably won't ever get to play with again as his PSN hasn't signed-on in over a year, and I used to consistently get to mid-40s on that map without fail every time we played and without glitching (aside from the spot in the Bio Dome to take breaks).


    The hacker was a total game changer in Zombies and I'm really sad that Treyarch didn't bring it back or modify it in Black Ops II. The bank and lending points was a decent idea but it killed the maps with the Green Run characters since everyone starting Round 2 with 4 perks and Pack-A-Punched weapons essentially deletes half of the reason you even play zombies in the first place...surviving, earning your points and building your loadout as you go. Split the hacker between at least two players who know what they are doing. Train or camp, anytime somebody's low on ammo, wait until a Carpenter, 2x or Nuke drops, throw a Gersch and spend 5000 to hack it into a Max Ammo. It's so easy.


    Excavators glitching out is something that has gotten on my nerves in the past but this so rarely happened to me when I played Moon a lot that I didn't even see it as a problem. I assume we're talking about the glitch where you still get downed when you go through one of the tunnels after hacking the panel in the Receiving Bay. That glitch is far less annoying than the one where if you hack the Pack-A-Punch machine to make the gate come down around it that any time afterward if you throw a Gersch on the Moon, the Astronaut Zombie will permanently act as though he's trying to be pulled into the black hole even after it's gone. That glitch blocked me from getting to Round 50 in a match I surely would have gone much further. In Round 49, my teammate went down and I threw a Gersch to go revive him. Didn't know about that glitch then, and I ran from my horde AND a glitched out Astronaut for over ten minutes until he finally caught me and I got slapped by my horde to death before he could teleport me. 


    Oh and Zap Guns were so much fun to use. 

  7. Well, adults are aware of the concept of shame, therefore they don't feel the need to make screen names like "Fart Specialist". You're very right though. It's not an absolute, but there is a very good chance that the operator of a childish and stupid screen name is in fact childish and stupid.

  8. Hello everybody. I just registered for this forum despite lurking here for a while. I have been playing Zombies since Nacht Der Untoten on World at War. I think my skills are of the elite level but that's only because I have been playing for so many years. I have finally reached the point where friends I had made on PSN are no longer playing Zombies or have different schedules so we can't play together anymore. Until now I have been confident enough to join public games and carry my random teammates when need be, but I really do miss playing Zombies with people who know what they are doing. I was hoping that I could find some people here who are like me, and don't feel like Zombies has gotten "old" or "boring" despite the nature of the game being very repetitive. 


    I like to go for high rounds all of the time, but don't mind helping with Easter Egg steps if that's what the goal of the party is. I have all three games, World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops 2, in addition to every DLC pack released for those games so I can play any map with anybody on PSN. If Treyarch gives us next-gen Zombies later next year I do already have a PS4, but plan on getting the Xbox One as well, so I will probably be able to play on both console platforms for Treyarch's 2015 release. My PSN is Target_Akawhired and I look forward to playing Zombies with new people.

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