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  1. map:Buried



    People needed:3


    I would like to complete the zombie storyline and get the rictofen cutscene effectvely beating the game.  I have already completed tranzit and die rise eggs for rictofen.  Additionally, all my nav cards are in their respective nav card readers. I have directed several tower of babble attempts and succeded.  High maintaince was done under other leadership.  I can contribute greatly towards  completion of this last egg of the main 3 eggs.  on solo play i can; build the  guiolttine, charge orbs, retrieve and charge lantern finally deciphering code to get stuck at the infinity mode portion.  i need four players to search for the switch.  on a side note i have also done mob of the dead and am slightly intrigued by origins egg "little lost girl".  Mined games remains priority.  thanks for looking.



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